Margaret Thatcher’s Legacy

A true fighter for freedom passed away this morning. Margaret Thatcher stood alongside Ronald Reagan to bring down the communist tyranny of the Soviet Union, extend democracy, liberty and freedom to tens of millions, while promoting true individuality. She decried socialist policies that submerged the human spirit for the preeminence of the state.

It is not easy to be free, to take responsibility for your own life. Sadly Europe, due to its socialist hubris, is destroying itself, as Maggie had warned it would. Hopefully western Europe can halt its decline before it is irreversible.

As the world lurches towards greater statism and dependency, we must remember that liberty does not mean a world with equality of outcome. There is no certainty in liberty, except for the certainty of the right to be whatever and whomever you chose to be. Liberty and freedom merely mean that all should have the equality to try for any desired legacy. Freedom means we get to write our own lifestory. It does not guarantee the same final act for all.

Maggie’s last PM Q&A:


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