Something is Terribly Wrong with Planned Parenthood

The Weekly Standard has a video exchange between a Planned Parenthood representative and some Florida state legislatures. Apparently Planned Parenthood believes that it is fine to kill a child that survives an abortion. In my world we call that murder.

I am tired of  the extremes in the abortion debate taking over the narrative. On the one hand you have a state like North Dakota banning abortions after 6 weeks gestation while declaring “personhood” and on the flip-side you have Planned Parenthood saying a living-struggling-breathing infant can be murdered because the doctor botched the abortion.

Abortion is a highly charged issue. When does life begin? Is there a soul? What is the science behind life? Does a baby in the womb feel pain? When does a baby in the womb become viable and no longer needs the mother to survive? Science is resolving many of the issues for us. It is why polling in favor of abortion goes dramatically down the closer any pregnancy gets to term. People understand that at some point the “baby in the womb” becomes a human being and is entitled to rights. The average person understands that a “baby in the womb” is at some point in the pregnancy more than just a collection of cells. It becomes a human being. Science needs to figure out just when that happens so that the law can apply it properly.

But even before that happens, I thought it was simply understood that once a baby is outside the mother’s womb, that baby is entitled to life and life-saving medical care. Once outside the womb, a baby is a unique human being entitled to life-integrity like everyone else. I can’t think of anything more craven than thinking you have a right to murder another human being based upon the fact that you don’t want them. The Nazis did that.



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