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Repost December 11, 2011

Newt is correct. There was no ancient people called Palestinian Arabs. There were no Arabs in ancient Israel (Judea). In fact the only time an Arab people are mentioned in any ancient text is in the Torah, which discusses the People of Ishmael, in the story of Moses. The Arab people are from Arabia. It was not until the 7th century through mass Islamic imperialism that the Arab peoples branched out throughout the Middle East into Asia.

These societies became, according to respected academic the late Raphael Patai, what is now known as “Arabized Arabs.” (Find his book about Arab culture HERE and Jewish culture HERE) It is why until the recent spread of Wahhabi Islam throughout the world, the farther one got from the epicenter of Islam, the less “Arab” the society happened to be. Arabic was not the main language. It was only used for prayer. Asian societies had their own configurations not dependent on Arabian customs but on local customs. Meanwhile these societies incorporated Islam into their own culture and put their own spin on how strict, structured and conservative their view of Islam should be.

The actuality is that the people who lived in the Levant in ancient days, other than the ancient Jews, were Philistines, Hittites, Moabites, Cannanites, Jebusites (who by the way sold the Temple Mount to King David) and a variety of dispersed tribes. Most of these peoples were not even of Semitic origin. As the new information shows about the Hittites, it is believed, based finally of an understanding of their language, that they were of Germanic origin. Anyone familiar with ancient history knows that all these peoples disappeared before the beginning of traditional history which dates from the time of the historian Herodotus.

The way society worked  in the ancient world is that a Peoples were incorporated into the conquering nations or were thoroughly destroyed by invading armies, as the Philistines were destroyed by the invading Babylonians. This is why the Jewish people are such an anomaly, they not only thrived in the ancient world as an individual culture, the Jewish people thrived as an individual culture through the modern era as well.

Meanwhile, Newt did not say there should not be a two-state solution. He simply recognized the reality of history and called out the lies.

Now, Krauthammer says that the idea that the Palestinian People are a fake people is foolish to say the least. “That train has left the station…” he said. Yes, that train left the station a very long time ago. The reality is, is that all People are created at some time in their existence. The question then becomes when did Palestinian Arabs become a People and why is that important. In all actuality it has to do with Jewish history, reality and the fact that the Palestinians are trying as hard as they can to disenfranchise and deny the connection of the Jewish People to the Land of Israel, and especially Jerusalem. See Palestine Media Watch, CAMERA, Gloria Center, JCPA, MEMRI, Honest Reporting.

The Jewish People base their right of return to the Land of Israel on the fact that they were driven out of the area thousands of years ago. That they were persecuted, murdered, disenfranchised throughout history and they have a right to return to the land from whence their ancestors came. The culmination of the world’s barbarism towards the Jewish People was of course The Holocaust.

For decades the Palestinian and Arab world has tried to deny that the Holocaust ever happened. This perception is continued to this day by the idiocy of Ahmadinejad and even by the fact that Abu Mazen received his PhD for denying the Holocaust. This obfuscation of history did not take hold. So the only avenue left to those who wish to deny Israel’s existence is to say that the Jews were actually the ancient usurpers rather than the ancient survivors. Hence, the theorem that the Palestinians and the rest of the Arab world puts forth, is  that  the Jews were  “ancient thieves” and have no right to the Land of Israel, no matter how they were treated worldwide, especially if the Palestinians are the descendents of the people from whom the Jews “stole the land.” (This is postulated by Arab Study Departments throughout academia,  funded by oil money.)

Beginning in the 1970s, Arafat began the lie that the Palestinian Arabs were descended from the Philistines, ignoring the fact that these ancient people ceased to exist during the Babylonian Empire. The Soviet-backed-PLO perpetuated the lie  that the area was always called Canaan or Palestine and that only the Jews called the area Judea. Arafat even called Jesus a Palestinian. (In fact the Soviets to supplement their Arab clients even perpetrated the disinformatzia that the “Zionist” were allies of the Nazis. Interestingly they conveniently forgot their own alliance in the Molotov-Ribbentrop Nonaggression Pact which effectively divided Poland.)

The fact that the area was called Palestine only after the Bar Kochba revolt ended in 135 as punishment against the Jewish people did not seem to register with those in academia. That in ancient Roman, Greek, Egyptian and even Babylonian documents the area is consistently referred to as Judea. That the area was called the Holy Land or Outremer by the Holy Roman Empire and even the Ottoman Empire never officially called the area Palestine but referred to it as the sanjaks of Jerusalem, Nablus, Beirut, Homs, Damascus, Tripoli and Hama. It was the League of Nations, led by Arabists and Western European Academics that brought back to life the title Palestine for the area once it divided the Ottoman Empire under the Sykes-Picot Treaty.

So what does this actually mean? What it means is that the Arab world no matter what is not willing to recognize the Jewish People’s ancient and historic claim to the Land of Israel. They deny that there is any connection of the Jewish People to the Land and even if there is a connection they claim that they were there first. It is just another battlefront of accepted inaccurate revisionist history that seeks to denigrate the Jewish people.

However, the reality is that the last one hundred years has turned the Palestinian Arab People into a separate People, much like the Jordanians, Lebanese, Saudi Arabians and gulf Arab States are also separate peoples. Yet none of whom existed before the break up of the Ottoman Empire.

The next question then becomes, what does it mean for the modern era. The great Israeli statesman Abba Eban once said that the Jews should never try to deny the existence of a Palestinian Arab People. To do that is to try to do to the Palestinians what the Arab world tries to do to the Jewish People. Eban was very right.

The problem that the peace process has though, is not that the State of Israel has a problem with two states, Netanyahu has openly declared two-states for two people. It is the Arab world that has yet to accept Israel and the Jewish People’s right to exist in their state. They openly declare that they will never accept Israel as a “Jewish State.” Interesting how the Arab World thinks it’s up to them to decide who and what kind of nation Israel should be and how the Jewish People should be defined. Sad that so many in the world tend to agree. Sad that so many Jews seem to think its important that others agree to our definition of ourselves. That is and has always been the stumbling block to peace, not Newt’s recognition of  historical reality.


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