What the Hagel Debacle Teaches Us @ Our Dysfunctional Political System

Now that the Hagel debacle is over and our Senate has accepted the most inept Secretary of Defense in the United State’s history, at one of the most volatile times in our history, it behooves this country to take a look back at the political process and rip it to shreds.

First lets discuss the abject cowardliness of the Senate. They know that Hagel is incompetent. His hearing before the Senate confirmed that. If it weren’t for some Democrats carrying water (Levin) and basically giving Hagel the answers, rephrasing his answers and helping him along Hagel would have seemed more inane than he came across. But they still pressed on. They backed the President’s choice simply because they were from his party. If it weren’t for the likes of Chuck Schumer, Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein, Hagel would never have been confirmed. If the situation had been reversed and Hagel was being proposed by a republican president the democrats would have been screaming treason and calling every republican who supported such an inadequate choice for SecDef the new version of Benedict Arnold. The fact that they did not have the wherewithal to tell the President that he had to change his mind about Hagel, shows that what the Democrats are is party first and country second, or maybe country somewhere down the list of priorities after self-importance, self-aggrandizement and power-playing within the marble halls of this dysfunctional political system. Now I am not saying that the republicans wouldn’t have supported any person put forth by a republican president either. But at least the one thing we know is that a republican president (well other than Rand Paul who voted for Hagel) would have picked someone who atleast could put together coherent sentences and actually liked this country.

Truth be told until this latest version of the Democratic party the DNC did have an affinity for this nation. They may have disagreed with the republicans on some issues but their guiding light was to uphold American exceptionalism and make sure that the USA remained a superpower and the leader of the free-world. Today’s DNC is mainly left over 60s leftists and modern radical leftist-progressives (not to be confused with TR progressives of the early 20th century) whose disdain for the history of this nation (they  turn history on its head and make the American people out to be the most evil in the world) and disrespect for the sacrifices made by the American people for the rest of the world is palpable and revolting. The DNC likes to invoke JFK. But the one thing JFK understood was that you are supposed to stand up to evil as he did during the Cuban missile crisis, not try to coddle it. Understanding evil, by having fought in WW2 probably taught JFK that lesson.

Today’s DNC though thinks welcoming the evil governments of nations like Iran, NKorea, Cuba, Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, the PA (secretly Hamas and Hezbollah too) and even Venezuela into the halls of respectable nations (they did coddle the “reformer” Assad too, until he made it rather unpalatable for them)  will make them change their ways. They see all nations as equals, a cultural relativism which leaves most of the world enslaved and more being enslaved daily. Free nations used to be the majority of the world, today the free-world is in the very sad, small minority and afraid to defend themselves. The democrats have failed to learn any history lessons. You cannot coddle evil you need to eradicate it. In fact they refuse to acknowledge that there are some nations which are simply evil albeit progressives are happy to demonize Israel and blame Jews themselves for antisemitism whenever they get the chance. History has taught us that a great nation cannot lead from behind. Only those who decide that they have no right to their own future gives others the power over their protection. Sadly the DNC has decided that the future belongs to totalitarian regimes like China and the Islamists Moslem Brotherhood not to the free-world and not to democracy.

Meanwhile the republicans do themselves no good when they forget that society is changing and they need to change with it. Social change is healthy and good and needs to be seen in the greater picture of the growth of a nation. During Reagan the world talked about compassionate conservatives. The irony here is that being a conservative doesn’t mean you are not compassionate to begin with but the term stuck and it is an idea that needs to be revisited. Being judgmental is not a good policy and being self-superior is not a good policy. The concept of the scarlet letter went out with Nathaniel Hawthorne and the GOP needs to understand that societies change and grow just like human beings are supposed to do. The GOP needs to get back to its roots and show the world what it means to be fiscally responsible but still care about your neighbor. Republicans need to stop harping on gay marriage and abortion. There are so many ills in this nation and the world that is where they need to put their energy. Feeding the hungry, descent housing, proper education, work not food stamps, jobs not welfare, a look to the future and protecting the USA from enemies without and within is a core principle of the GOP. The GOP even framed the debate over Obamacare incorrectly. It’s not about the government making you buy health insurance, it’s about affordable, functional and lifelong healthcare for families and why that does not exist in the United States and looking to find a way to solve that problem. A nation cannot grow if their people are not educated appropriately, fed properly and not healthy.

Standing up for freedom throughout the world has always been a cause of the GOP. Not giving into totalitarian and evil regimes has always been the GOP raison d’etre. But today in Congress the GOP, except for a few lone voices, hides their heads and skulks away. They are slowly giving into this libertarian notion of ignorant isolation. In the modern world where everyone and everything is connected by unseen electrical currents and the internet, there can be no more isolation. A plastic bubble does not exist that would make the USA separate from the machinations of the rest of the world. A great nation needs to take its place in the world. Last time the USA followed the path of isolation the world ended up with WW2, which led to a communist  dominated eastern Europe and China, the Korean war, Vietnam and an oil-based economy dependent upon some of the most evil actors on the planet.When the USA ignores its role in the world, the world suffers and does so for decades, in this case for over a century.

Republicans also do themselves no good when they forget their core principles and decide that fiscal responsibility is only OK for the other guy. Demanding the government cut spending but forgetting that the democrats really didn’t create our financial mess alone is important. Taking responsibility for the way the economy went is not simply the failure of democratic fiscal policy it is also the failure of republican responsibility. Our economic crisis is twenty years in the making at least. It did not happen overnight. Own up to the issue and then try to fix it. That is what grown ups do. But also giving into ideas and programs that you know will only make the situation worse simply because a poll tells you that people will like it is well, cowardliness. And the idea that government shouldn’t step in and help major industries is foolish.

There is no such thing as pure laissez-faire economy in today’s world. Not when government gives tax breaks to companies thereby producing entire towns, even states that are dependent on these lone industries created by the tax code. Government (state and federal) itself caused the issue of single output areas. It is up to the government to try to help the residents of these areas with new tax breaks, new ideas and new programs so that people can learn to help themselves. We live in neither an Adam Smith nor a Keynes world. Truth be told we live in an era of a little bit of both. And the republicans helped create this world just as much as the democrats did. But you cannot fix the economy by making the population suffer and you cannot fix the economy by taxing the rich/job creators. You need to fix the economy by eradicating your debt, appropriate spending and thoughtful allocation of resources. That is what the GOP needs to be concentrating upon. Not being spineless and giving into a socialist version of the economy which we all know is destined to destroy the USA as it has destroyed Europe, and was the major factor in the destruction of the Soviet Union. Even Communist China understands that free enterprise is what creates wealth, growth and prosperity, just look at Shanghai and how the Chi-Comms have left Hong Kong alone.

Lastly, after the Hagel debacle it is important to visit the concept of just what is the power of lobbies and what does it mean in Congress? So many of the democrats who voted for Hagel tell the world that if AIPAC had come out against the new SecDef they would have felt comfortable defying the President. Baloney. Enough people had shown Hagel’s antisemitism, homophobia and disdain for the USA and Hagel had destroyed himself in committee, that they didn’t need AIPAC to say anything. It’s just the DNC (and especially the Jewish democrats) once again trying to blame the Jews for allowing a  Jew-hater into one of the most sensitive national security position. And the Democrats are about to confirm another philo-Islamist  to direct the CIA, John Brennan. The democrats in Congress are allowing these inadequate people into top security positions because their democratic leader, the President wants these people there. They refuse to acknowledge that the President’s foreign policy is anathema to the survival of the United States and democratic nations all over the world, especially the canary in the coal mine Israel. It is about placating an imperial presidency instead of following their directive as a separate and equal branch of government as set out in the Constitution. The “advice and consent” power of the Senate is just what it sounds like. It is up to the Congress, particularly the Senate, irrespective of party, to make certain that the people selected by the President to sit in his cabinet are competent, adequate and not being placed there simply for political payback expediency. The primary allegiance of the US Congress is to the Constitution and the people of the USA, not to the executive branch. (What progressives think of the US Constitution in and of itself is a different discussion for a different day.) To vote in a person to a sensitive national security position especially if they are believed to be inadequate, as so many Senators have espoused about Hagel, is dereliction of their duty.

The last issue coming out of the Hagel debacle is just where was AIPAC and the  other major national Jewish organizations? Never mind that Hagel is horribly anti-Israel, he is vehemently antisemitic too. This fight was not simply about supporting America’s only true ally in the volatile middle east, this fight was about the treatment and respect for the Jewish community in the United States by a sitting President and his administration. That AIPAC and others refused to join in the fray simply means they are unimportant and without merit. For a generation the national Jewish organizations, including the “watchdog” against antisemitism ADL, has become nothing more than a shill for the liberal-progressive democratic party. As the DNC has tilted ever more to the antisemitic void of leftist European politics, so too have these Jewish organizations been mum about antisemitism in the democratic fold only attacking what it sees as right-wing antisemitism, especially among those that standup to the democratic party leadership. Today’s national Jewish organizations are nothing more than power-bases for those Jewish-Americans hoping to garner accolades within the halls of the DNC. They tie up these groups so that they cannot or will not speak the truth for fear of losing considerable funding. AIPAC like ADL and the umbrella organization UJF is nothing more than the mouth piece for Jews who care not for the fight against Jew-hatred or for the lives of the 6 million Jews of Israel, but for their own political coterie and what “power structure” it can bring them. These groups give lip-service to the “cause” but when it comes down to the real trench fight they surrender, as they did with Hagel, without even a whimper.

Truth of the matter is that the one thing that the Hagel debacle taught the Jew-haters of the world is that there is no all-powerful Jewish lobby and that the so-called power structure of the Jewish-American community does not exist. But what it also showed the world is that even if the national organizations will sit on their respective tuchases and allow a Jew-hater to take over the reigns of the US military without a fight, the average person, Jew and non-Jew, in the USA still has a voice. It may not make a difference in the immediate, but the trick is to make sure that the politicians who love power more than doing what is right, lose their respective seats in Congress. That is what is called grassroots activism and it is something that should be explored by those who have had enough of this dysfunctional political system we call Washington DC. The USA saw it explode during the Obamacare debate. The question is will those who stood against Hagel, the newly organized committees, the reporters and the blogosphere,  create their own grassroots and challenge the spineless national organizations that stand not for what is right but for what is most expedient.


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