Illegal Huddled Masses-It’s Called Human Trafficking

From April 24, 2010

If you enter a country without permission from that country you are here illegally and hence an illegal alien. To use the politically correct term, undocumented, makes it sound like people are appliances and you have misplaced the warranty card. The worst that happens in that case is you have to buy a new mix-master. Also don’t talk about how we are all immigrants at one point. The reality is that most of our ancestors (except of course the ones brought here in chains) came here and abided by the immigration laws of the time. They either past muster or they didn’t. That the laws had been a lot easier to enter the US at times in our history has no baring on what we do today. In fact, there were times that this government sent Jews back to certain death in Nazi Europe because their entrance violated immigration laws, but that too doesn’t have any baring on today. Immigration laws are written with many things in mind. Can we honestly say that there have never been racially motivated immigration laws in the history of this country? Of course not, just ask the Chinese. But we still have to look at what is happening today and try to figure out a solution. The reality is that in today’s world, there are many issues and many problems and no one seems to be trying to fix them. No one is even looking at the real problem. Illegal immigration today isn’t just about skirting the American immigration laws, it’s pure and simple human trafficking.

That said, lets really discuss the problem facing this country. It is not a little tiny issue, but one that truly can direct the future of the United States. The question is are we a nation of laws or are we not? Are the laws applied to all or are they not? Are those coming to the United States ones who are law-abiding or are they future members of the penal system? As far as I can see, most Americans are good-hearted people. When a crisis looms we are one of the first countries to be step in to help. (OK Israel beat us to Haiti) We give more foreign aid than any other nation on Earth. We as a people are charitable to a fault. So why then is there this uproar about illegal immigration. It is the rule of law and the respect for the rule of law.

We are a nation of laws. We are judged by society by how we respect and keep those laws. (Of course unless you’re a failed politician caught up in a prostitution ring then somehow the left seems to think its ok to rehabilitate you). We teach our children from their birth that there are rights and wrongs in this world and that all are to uphold them. In this country the rich and powerful go to prison as well as the individual in need of a public defender. Is it perfect? No just ask those that have been saved by The Innocence Project. No system is perfect, but that doesn’t mean you ignore the legal system. It means you find the problems and you fix them. It is still the best legal system in the world and in the history of human civilization. Here you are innocent until proven guilty. The burden is on the state to prove your guilt, not you your innocence. Such a system is rare, even among western democracies. So when US citizens see illegals flouting the laws of this country it bothers them. But unfortunately that is not the whole story, nothing is ever that simple.

The true answer is that these people are here. At last count there were over 12 million, that the US government could even begin to assume are here. Personally, I bet the number is much higher. Many of them have set up roots and have families here now. Their children are American citizens. (Yes, I know they have what is called an “anchor baby,” but the child is still an American citizen) Many of them, people complain, also just work and send back whatever money they can to the families they left behind. Now many Americans resent them sending the money back to their “home” country. But I have news for everyone that is exactly what our ancestors did. I for one know that my great-grandfather used to send money home to his family in Russia.

Many say that the illegals do jobs that Americans won’t. The truth of the matter is, especially in this economy, I think there would be many Americans grateful for any kind of work. However, the reality is, that employers because they can pay the illegals under the table, don’t’ have to hand out as much money. The employers don’t have to pay taxes and FICA. The employers can use every IRS loophole to help their bottom line, while quite frankly fleecing the American people. Of course, the illegal doesn’t pay taxes either, and can find a way to access our social support systems. Basically leaving the rest of us holding the proverbial taxes bag, look at California. Its social services burden and lack of tax payments to cover it has destroyed an economy that was once the 8th largest economy in the world.

There is also another problem that is happening right her on our border, a terrible drug war being fought in Mexico that has now entered the United States. Drug gangs are entering into America killing people. Coyotes, those that traffic in human misery, lead people across the border through private property, damaging property, threatening lives and endangering American citizens. In fact it has gotten so bad that the Arizona legislature has just passed an immigration bill of its own. Alot has been made of the recent Arizona law. The truth is the courts will decide if it is violative of civil rights or not. The underlying issue here though is why did Arizona feel it needed to act on its own to protect its citizenry? Where is the federal government?

The federal government has done nothing. Homeland security likes to say that the problem is under control. I guess the people who live on the border don’t really think so. It is those people who I listen to, not some bureaucrat in Washington who can’t figure out how to change, for the better, our color-emergency system. When states feel that the federal government has abandoned them then it is time for Washington to act. Secure the borders. I don’t really think that is such a hard thing to ask. The government is training a military unit to go into action in the event of a national catastrophe like Katrina, how hard would it be to lift posse comitatus and allow the troops on our borders to protect American citizens? Finish building the fence along the border. I don’t think that is too hard to ask. They have proven that the finished part of the fence deters illegals. But Washington in its own political fashion of not wanting to anger anyone, and adhering to the political system of identity politics does absolutely nothing. So everyone waits and everyone suffers.

Listen as I said earlier, I think in many respects there is even a larger issue here than illegal immigration to this country. Think about it, how bad is their life where these men and women are living that they would risk life and limb to come here. These people cross deserts. Are taken heaven knows where and pay absorbent sums of money to some very bad people (the coyotes) to get them to the US. But then Hispanics are not the only illegals in our country either. The Chinese tongs bring in people every day. These people arrive in shipping crates on our docks. How bad is it that you are willing to travel in a shipping crate? The East European mobs bring in girls in much the same way. These immigrants are chattel to be bartered by their handlers for services of any kind that is asked of them or their children. It is simply modern-day slavery. It is human trafficking.

That is the issue that no one seems to talk about. I don’t get it. I don’t understand why people hide their heads in the sand and refuse to see what they are doing when they hire an illegal? I don’t mean the tax and under the table payments, which is bad enough. These tax cheats cheat the entire country. They take from my children and yours when they don’t pay their fare share. I mean the human suffering that they cause. They perpetuate a system that allows people to be used and abused and sold for profit. Oh not here, that is not what the American people are doing? Oh no. Think again.

By not solving the crisis of illegal immigration the government, the people of this country are perpetuating a cycle of evil. We are allowing the poor and the desperate to be preyed upon. We are perpetuating something that was outlawed in this country in the 1860s by the 13th amendment. Do you not think these people are slaves when they are brought here? Do you not think that they are abused or taken advantage of by employers once they are brought here? Do you not think that there are women and children brought here for illicit purposes? It’s all connected. Think about it. When someone is not paid a living wage for a job what are they other than slaves? When you eat your meal, think about how relatively cheap it is, and think about the slave that picked it, processed it and packaged it. When you get your grass cut, think about the slave that is cutting your grass. When you have someone watch your children, think about the slave that is teaching them their  “a, b, c’s.” Then when you are done think about the other slaves, the ones you don’t see, for there are many many more of those.

Will some kind of immigration reform solve all these problems? No, nothing can solve every problem. But if we secure our borders, help those that are here, clamp down on human traffickers and the drug trade we can begin to make a dent into a very mean world. Listen, unless you are gong to round-up every single person who has no green card, you need to give them the right to live and be respected as human beings. It is who we are. It is what America has always been. America has always been a haven; it should never become hell for anyone.



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