Obama, Islamists and a New Middle East

From January 25. 2011

There had been an argument of late about whether Obama had surpassed Jimmy Carter as the worst President in the history of the United States. People had left that question open for quite along time. However, the events of the past few weeks have decided the issue. While Carter lost Iran to the Islamist extremist in some failed Orwellian belief that Islamists are the purveyors of human rights, Obama just lost the entire Middle East with the exception of Israel, and has placed our only democratic ally in the Middle East in further grave danger. Of course I am sure that Israel’s predicament give both of these men a good chuckle.

While our illustrious leaders spent the last few weeks discussing, in their inanity, how everyone needs to be more civil in their language, because heaven knows that grown people with healthy mental acuity go bonkers when called a name or when someone else says something using violent imagery, a revolution has occurred in the Middle East without anyone having too much to say about it. You could watch the disintegration of entire nations in the Moslem Middle East on twitter. You could watch it hour by hour, minute by minute and not a word was said by anyone in public life. Not the President of the United States. Not a member of Congress. Not the US State Department. Heavens, the only time I saw it mentioned on the evening news was two days ago, for five minutes, weeks after the initial clashes in Tunisia.

The dominoes are falling in the Middle East and nary anyone with governing power has anything to say about it. The expulsion of the Tunisian strongman has left open a gap for the Islamists movement.  Angered by the stealing of the recent election in Cairo which the Islamists felt they won, there are riots in Egypt led by the Islamists movement. There are even protests in Saudi Arabia led by those who think the Wahhabists are too lenient in their version of Islam. Yemen is exploding as well. Jordan is disenfranchising Palestinian even more than usual in order to stem the tide of Islamism in their nation. The Iranian backed strongman has returned to Iraq. The Islamist head of Turkey has aligned his nation with Iran and Syria. And today Hezbollah has officially taken over the government of Lebanon.

So what does our illustrious leader do when confronted with these realities? Nothing, nada, zip, zilch, not a word. Now granted, it has not always been wise for the US to back the demagogues and tyrants of the Middle East. That has been the fault of realpolitik and the Arabists of the State Department. But a President who said that human rights were part and parcel of his credo conveniently ignores confrontation except when it comes to any of the United States’ allies. Since Obama has become President there has never even been a discussion about human rights, women’s rights, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, torture, or inflammatory state controlled media, to just name a few issues, in the Moslem world. He coddles them. He kowtows to them. But he does not challenge them and their assumptions and their evil actions.

What instead has the Obama administration done? It has turned its back on Israel.
Obama has challenged and destroyed long-standing agreements with the Israelis about Jerusalem and how to proceed in the peace process. It has embolden the enemies of the Jewish State into thinking that the US was going to force Israel to put itself in danger and thereby open itself up for potential attack. The Obama administration has done nothing to stop and even encouraged in some cases, such vile nations as Iran, and Saudi Arabia to have a roles in human rights councils and even befriended one of the worst aggressors in South America Chavez of Venezuela. Obama did not challenge the use of Iranian technology in South America nor the importation of the Iranian revolutionary guard to Venezuela. Obama has allowed the Islamists to run rampant around the world. Obama has not tried to fight the scourge of Islamist terrorism. (A few well placed drones in the mountains of Pakistan mean nothing when you ignore the real threat.) The President won’t even use the name Islamists, Jihadists or even say that the present terrorist movements are fueled by a radical view of Islam. He won’t even say that the killer at Foot hood was an Islamic extremist, even though the killer yelled an Islamist credo upon shooting and carried a calling card which introduced himself as a Soldier of Allah. He and his acolytes insist that in that case and every case of Islamic involvement that society can not jump to conclusions. That society has to look for the “real” reason that the event occurred. (But Obama’s coattails all seemed to attack the political right (never mind Palin), tea parties and even conservative talk shows the minute Tucson happened. Honestly it is just plain obnoxious on all points).

By turning a blind eye to reality, by trying to engage with those that wish you ill, by trying to pretend that all is right with the world, and in fact if it’s not right, blame Israel, then those opposed to the present system feel they are able to come to the forefront. Unfortunately, the ones with the power to do that are Iranian backed political movements throughout the Middle East. While some of the protests may have been started by a democracy movement it has been usurped by the Islamic extremists. This is not a Green Movement Revolution moment as in Iran several years ago, which by the way Obama did not support. (Obama once again lending a hand to the growth of the Islamist and not the democratic movements in the Middle East.)

This is the end of an era and the beginning of a dangerous tide in the Middle East. (OK they are all dangerous tides in the Middle East, but this new one will certainly lead not to attrition, but to a full-scale conflict the likes the world has not seen in decades.) Obama has enabled those who know that they are in a war with Western Civilization access to the corridors of power and access to control of the world’s oil supply. He, along with all the leftist-Israel-haters, Obama apologists and their Jewish enablers like JStreet (with their Soros money), the Peter Beinarts and Judge Goldstones of the world, has allowed the Islamists legitimate cover for taking over and controlling huge swaths of territory in a deadly game of boa constrictor with Israel. They have allowed the Islamists to use lawfare and the UN to gain legitimacy for themselves and delegitimize anyone with democratic ideals, particularly Israel. In fact in needing to kowtow to the Islamists the Obama administration even spits on one of our most sacred freedoms. Obama is backing a resolution to outlaw condemnation of Islam. I guess freedom of speech doesn’t really matter in a world were the only ones who can use violent imagery are Islamists as they cut off someone’s head, blow up innocents in mosques, churches or airports or send rockets into Israeli kindergartens. Sadly, in Obama’s case  the reality is, if the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) wants it, Obama backs it.

Even the US State Department has attempted to delegitimize Israel. The only nation in the Middle East where all religious are free to exist, as are their monuments and places of worship, and the only nation in the Middle East where people can practice any religion that they please, has been listed by the US State Department as denying religious freedom. Not Saudi Arabia, Not Jordan, Not Egypt, but Israel is listed as an egregious violator of rights. (The Saudis they list as making strides and becoming more open. You can’t make this stupidity up). How ironic then that Freedom House has listed Israel as a totally free nation. The only one in the Middle East and the only one with total religious freedom. Bet the US State Department and Obama lost sleep over that one.

Now the new map of the Middle East: Iranian backed Hezbollah to the north of Israel, aligned with the pro-Iranian governments of Assad in Syria to its East  and Turkey to its West. To the south is Hamastan in Gaza.  A very weak Egypt trying to keep the Islamists at bay and other North African Moslem States going Islamists or making deals with them to stay in power. (Remember they all support Bashir in Sudan and his genocide against the black African population) The Hashemites are reaching out to Iran to quell Iranian support of Islamists and Palestinians in Jordan and so are the Saudis and other Gulf Arab States trying to coddle Iran. I’ve written of the possibility of a horrible war to come before and it turns out I am correct. This is one of those times that I wish I was just being too pessimistic.

So this is the outcome raught by the Obama Administration, An embolden Iran, an embolden violent Islamists movement, a foothold in the western hemisphere through Venezuela. Israel in the forefront abandoned by a president of the Untied States and his Arabist antisemitic minions. The world just got a whole lot more dangerous in the past few weeks, and the only thing the pundits  and pols argued about during that time in the United States is Palin, crosshairs and musical chairs at the State of the Union Speech. Could you just get sick from all of their negligence and buffoonery…Hopefully we all won’t be dieing because of their negligence and buffoonery too.

UPDATE: Since this post was written there has been an explosion of demonstration in Egypt. It is more like a tsunami has hit the Middle East and it is now traveling to Jordan. Mohamed elBaradei who claims that he actually won the last election has returned to Egypt. (Honestly he probably did, as the election was rigged to keep Mubarak in power). Mubarak has fired his cabinet in hopes to quell the angry populace. However, it does not seem that anything will stop the movement against the present Egyptian government.  This is not a truly good occurrence. Mohamed elBaradei an open antisemite, virulent hater of Israel and the US, and enabler of Iran,  is backed by the Muslim Brotherhood and the Islamists have taken control of the demonstrations. Just because the people are calling for democracy doesn’t mean that the Islamists are not the ones pushing the violence. The news says there is no organization of the demonstrations. I disagree. The Muslim Brotherhood has worked through the mosque for generations. It is the one area that no Muslim government can truly totally shut down. Remember through elBaradei, the Muslin Brotherhood will be brought to power. Read here for why.


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