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From March 28, 2011

I have decided to get on the bandwagon and declare my feelings about JStreet. Yaacov Lozowick (former director of archives at Yad VaShem) decided to answer Jeffrey Goldberg’s declaration of support for JStreet with a blog post of his own. Just found out (3/29) Joshua Pundit has joined along as well. OK, if you have been reading this blog you know that I have nothing but revulsion for the anti-American morons, (Code Pink), and Israel bashers, (BDS movement), of  JStreet in the first place.

Goldberg takes umbrage with the fact that Netanyahu will not meet with JStreet and that there are actually hearings in the Knesset about J Street and who they really happen to be. Goldberg talks about how Netanyahu should meet with JStreet and yell and argue and fight with them. Sorry, Mr. Goldberg, but there is nothing to fight about. JStreet is funded by those that wish to destroy the Jewish State. They refuse to support sanctions against Iran, believe that the IDF is evil akin to mass murderers, support the UNHRC and its thugs and terrorist states, and happily welcomed the Goldstone Report and hailed that lying incompetent menace, the former apartheid judge Goldstone, as a true scholar.  (For a legal and historical review of the Goldstone Report read here.) Plus one of the leaders of JStreet, Daniel Levy,  just said that Israel, because it is not supported by its neighbors shouldn’t exist. Of course his earlier pronouncement that Israel was a historical mistake, was so roundly attacked I guess he had to change the wording a bit. If this is pro-Israel what would you call Hamas?

Why Netanyahu needs to give JStreet any respect is beyond me. Perhaps Goldberg needs to understand the difference between having an opinion and having that opinion respected. While we live in democracies (The USA and Israel), even though JStreet members do not hold that Israel is a democracy, that entitles us to voice our opinions. In fact we are able to say quite frankly anything that we wish, especially in the realm of politics. But being able to say something does not mean that anyone needs to give credence and respect to what you have to say.

Just because JStreet claims that they speak for a part of the US Jewish community that is unheard from, does not mean that they do (besides have any of you reading this post really known a Jewish person to be reticent to give someone their opinion on anything?). Apart from the fact that there are 6.5 million Jews in the USA and JStreet claims 170,000 members means quite frankly that if anything they are a drop in the bucket of Jewish opinion. Also I would question not only their membership numbers, but whether these people are the “Jewish-Americans” that JStreet claims. After all their funding comes from the Nazi-collaborator , anti-Israel, self-hating Jew, Soros and some odd woman from the Philippines and anti-Israel Arabs. Who are these members that the Prime Minister of Israel is supposed to worry about their opinion?  Code Pink gave aid and comfort to the terrorists our American troops were fighting in Fallujah. They also began the BDS campaign against AHAVAH products. This is who Netanyahu should worry about? (I still want to know why these evil Code Pink cows are not in a US prison on charges of treason.)

The problem is that the liberal left of the Jewish world, as the liberal left of the American politics in general, have lost power and are inconsequential. They can’t handle it. They seethe and they rail and become violent as in Wisconsin. The liberal-left-Jews can’t get over the fact that the majority of the world’s Jews care that Israel survives, even though not perfect, do not think Israel is at fault with the breakdown of the peace process, realized that Obama is a virulent antisemite, and quite frankly would be very happy to have Jewish grandchildren. Guess what, the leftist-Jews also can’t stand it that the majority of Jewish Americans don’t need to ask the political Left for forgiveness for believing in Israel’s right to exist.

But hey what do I know? Goldberg is considered an intellect. Afterall he does write for The Atlantic, just like that antisemite Andrew Sullivan. By the way Goldberg doesn’t think Sullivan is an antisemite, guess that is why he also thinks that JStreet is an organization that is just misunderstood.  Goldberg also wrote that Castro, that evil-murdering-communist-thug-dictator and just in general overall-SOB, was just a swell guy, in his much touted piece last year. Yeah Goldberg seems to be just a great judge of character….I’m sure Netanyahu is worried what Goldberg and JStreet thinks especially when it comes to Israel’s security and future.


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