China Rising

From June 11, 2011

One thing the post does not talk about is China’s use of cybermilitary tactics. Please keep that in mind as you read the following:


While we have been obsessed with the mundane, lurid, exploitative aspects of our tabloid media as well as our own self-centered reality of a very bad economy, the Chinese government has been on the move. I blogged HERE about a very interesting interview on Fareed Zakaria’s show GPS (and no I am not a fan of Mr. Zakaria) about China causing trouble in the sea lanes of the South China Sea and what that means for the United States, trade and military hegemony. Here are some updated articles and a very interesting book about the rise and power of China:Beijing Stages Drills in South China Sea-WSJ
China, Africa and Oil-CFR
Clinton Urges Vigilance Over China Africa Investments- WaPo
Africa/China Trade-FT
Kissinger: China, US Cyber Limits and Spying-HufPo
China Google hacker’s goal: Spying on the US-CBS

Some oldies but goodies:
China’s Influence in Africa:Implications for the
China in Africa:Friend or Foe?-BBC

Meanwhile here is a brand new book on the subject: Tiger Trap

While the progressive-Left may think that the rise of China and the fall of the US is a good thing, creating some kind of balance in the world, the increasing strength of totalitarian governments and their societies around the world does not bode well for this nation and those that hold fast to freedom. Just look at what is happening in the United Nations with the refusal of China and Russia to support sanctions against the Assad led Syrian Baathist regime despite their overwhelming crimes against humanity. Additionally, China and Russia have been opposed to sanctions against Iran for its proliferation of nuclear weapons even though it is a violation of international law. The stronger these nations become the more danger the world is in and more freedoms are usurped.

It may no longer be called the Cold War, but the players are the same only the danger is even more apparent than with with the possibility of nuclear war. MAD is not really an issue with these nations. They do not want to destroy us, they want to control our wealth and sovereignty. They are not suicidal jihadists, even though there is the possibility that they will support these movements in some way as they supported the terrorist groups during the cold war. (A very dangerous game of course, but one these nations have played before and played well. HERE, HERE) The danger is that China and Russia are finding ways to subvert our economy and self-defense systems while leaving the best of our world intact so they can control what they need. This is the insidious aspect of this reality as we become the hunted for predators who know how to leave the best of their prey for later use.


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