Obama’s Gun Control Protection Device

A.F. Branco

h/t Legal Insurrection


By the way, I have no problem if someone really believes in gun control. Just man up about it and stand your ground on your own two feet and with your spine erect instead of cowering behind children. Obama’s new push about gun control has nothing to do with children’s safety and everything to do with circumventing the 2nd amendment. If Obama cared about children’s safety he would have been trying to do something in his hometown of Chicago, which has the strictest gun control laws in the country, and last year had over 500 gun related murders. Obama is nothing but a charlatan.

Also those 23 executive orders are ridiculous. The vast majority of them are actions the executive branch should have been doing all along. The most inane order was that it was time for Obama to appoint an ATF director…seriously? He has been President for four years and he hasn’t even tried to appoint an ATF director? Why does anyone take this man seriously?












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