Surprise…. Hagel has a “Come to Jesus” Moment

Word is out that Senator Chuck Schumer has met with Chuck Hagel and has been given assurances about Hagel’s support for Israel. Apparently Hagel has had this “come to Jesus” moment in understanding that Israel is not the problem in the Middle East, that Hamas and Hezbollah are terrorists and not respectable political actors and no, Iran is not to be trusted afterall. Hagel’s consorting with all the anti-Israeli forces of the foreign policy cadre in Washington DC and worldwide for decades really was just a momentary brain fart. That’s all. Didn’t mean anything. There is also a bridge in Brooklyn for sale…very cheap.

Besides the new leftist hero Colin Powell has also decreed that using an antisemitic missive when talking about people who are pro-Israel is just a misspoken term everyone uses. According to Powell, Hagel wasn’t implying that Jews are disloyal to the US because they support Israel. Nope he was simply misunderstood that’s all. Hagel’s just someone who doesn’t always use the English language to the best of his ability. As Powell said good-old Hagel didn’t mean anything anyway. Besides you overly paranoid stiff-necked people need to get on the ball with that new definition of antisemitism the Obama administration has conjured up afterall.

By the way, Chuckie Schumer is now very happy with the nominee for Sec Def.

Wow that didn’t take too long. I truly wonder what Schumer was promised by the Obama White House. As we all know nothing gets done on Capital Hill without wheeling and dealing. Schumer is rubber stamping the Obama administration’s foreign policy of handing planet Earth over to the Chi-Coms, a fascist Putin and ensuring  an Islamist nuclear weapon that basically would threaten the entire free world. I hope Schumer held out for something really good. What is the going rate to abandon morals and ethics these day anyway?


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