If Your Candidate is an Anti-Semite Just Rewrite the Definition of Hate

It never fails to occur, whenever the issue of antisemitism comes up everyone runs for cover claiming that lo and behold, they are not Jew-haters. This self-delusion is more prevalent in Europe, where the UK College Union rejected the EU definition of antisemitism because it would ipso facto make them…anti-Semites. It never occurred to  these same highly educated academics to actually look inward and review who they are, what they think and how they view the world. Oh no, it’s the accepted world-wide recognized definition of antisemitism that is wrong, not them.

Sadly we are now seeing the same machinations on the Left when it comes to the Hagel nomination for SecDef. Suddenly his supporters have decided that to be pro-Israel means you tell Israel the “hard truth.”  But that is the truth as the leftist progressives see it. It is the truth as those who support the dictatorial theocratic regimes of Saudi Arabia and the gulf states see it. It is the hard truth as the Moslem Brotherhood supporters see it. It is the hard truth as Iran sees it. Interestingly these “hard truth” individuals never seem to get around to asking Israel how they see things, or better yet these “hard truth” individuals have decided that how Israel’s view their own survival is wrong or more likely inconvenient for the “hard truth” leftist crowd.

To be pro-Israel doesn’t mean you need to walk lock-step with Israel. If you have ever been among Israel’s supporters you know that is not even possible. But there are some “hard truths” that need to be recognized. Iran calls for the elimination of Israel from the face of the globe. It promotes, supports and emphasizes vicious antisemitism, holocaust denial and terror/violence against Israeli civilians. Hamas and Hezbollah calls for genocide not only against Israel but against Jews worldwide. The gulf states produce some of the worst antisemitism globally especially on their television networks and their educational system. To engage with these states and non-state actors as if they are anything but the hate filled entities that they are is childish and ignorant. To stand aside and allow Iran and her minions to have access to the worlds’ most genocidal weapons is fool hardy and suicidal.

The question society needs to ask itself is why do those who hate Israel, hate Israel. What is the driving force? When being anti-Israel becomes antisemitism should denote whether someone is pro-Israel and merely a critic, or someone who is a Jew-hater at heart. The US State Department spells it out for those that are confused. HERE.

Hagel is not receiving blow-back from American supporters of Israel merely because he does not walk lock-step with what the government in Jerusalem wants. He is receiving blowback because he is seen as an anti-Semite. His statements about Jews, the Jewish lobby, and refusal to sign a letter condemning antisemitism speaks more about the man than does his Vietnam war medals. If it was just that he was incorrect about every foreign policy adventure and outcome of the last twenty years that would in and of itself seem to disqualify him as a foreign policy adviser. Don’t forget that Hagel decided that the genocidal Assad was a “reformer” and the surge in Iraq would be a disaster. But it is the entirety of the man that bespeaks his character. His attitude towards Jewish-Americans, Israel and the company he keeps combined is what characterizes the man. You take the man in total, not simply bits and pieces.

No matter what the charlatan left  attempts to do on Hagel’s behalf  will they be able to erase the stench of antisemitism from the Senator’s existence. A rose by any other name may smell as sweet. And an anti-Semite by any other name is still a bigot and full of hate.

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