Some Other Reasons to Vote No on Hagel…..

Since many are supporting Chuck Hagel for SecDef based upon his position as foreign policy and national security wonk of the Obama administration, it seems only fair to review that administration’s world view…Let’s go to the replay:

Biggest mistake was looking at the Arab Spring as a democratic movement and that the Arab world would end up with Jeffersonian democracy. Not one person in the Obama administration saw the rise of the Moslem Brotherhood and the Islamists. Not in Egypt and not in Libya. And those that did saw it as a good thing. I suppose if you hate the US, supporting those that seek your destruction makes for a positive foreign policy. Placating the MB in Egypt, kissing up to the Islamists in Turkey, while continually turning a blind eye to the dangers and the real-time threat of theocratic tyrannies growing in the region turns democracy on its head.

Russia reset…yeah for the worse. All the concessions to Vladimir Putin by Obama from stopping the missile defense system in Eastern Europe to giving Putin free reign with Iran seems to have come to naught, except that Putin is now reconfiguring the Soviet Empire into a mafia style government structure. Russia hegemony has gone so far as to threaten Germany and definitely all of the former Soviet bloc countries. Russia is still illegally occupying Georgia and no one seems to bring Russia to task for the genocide it committed in Chechnya. Russia is now more powerful and alot richer, thanks to their oil supplies, and is making mischief globally. They support Iran’s nuclear weapons program and is a huge supporter and protector of that great “reformer” Bashir el Assad. Last but not least, is this latest nasty little bit that Putin just pulled with adoptions. Forbidding Americans from adopting Russian children.  Punishing Russia’s own unwanted children because the USA said he has human rights issues in his country. Another nasty bully allowed to get his way on the playground while the USA accesses defunct social workers in order to figure out which form of joint counseling to use.

China. It’s just China. Causing trouble in the South China Seas. Threatening our allies in the far east. Currency manipulation and trying to supplant the American dollar with a “global or China approved” monetary unit. Trade dumping. Copyright infringements. China has moved into Africa and supports malicious anti-American regimes in that part of the world. China also supports some of the worst actors on the planet such as Iran and North Korea. Instead of trying to extricate the USA from China’s financial grasp and make this nation more financially viable, the Obama administration has us spending money we don’t have, making us yet more enslaved to those that wish to overtake us as a world leader and economic powerhouse.

Syria. 60,000 dead and the red line is chemical weapon. It was Hagel and his ilk that called Assad a “reformer.” There are reports of chemical weapons already being used. No Obama administration response. It seems the red line can be moved indefinitely. Failure to perceive that the rebel fighters needed some democratic backing from the beginning or they would be taken over by al-Qaeda aligned Islamists was ignorant. Which is what has happened. Supporting Qatar and Saudi Arabia, two fundamentalist Wahhabi nations, in their efforts to supply the rebels in Syria. Is it any wonder that the rebels are overwhelming Islamists now and are planning to attack Israel and then the USA when they finish committing genocide against the Christians and the Alawites in Syria. No Assad is not the person to support, but the situation in Syria did not have to get this bad and quite frankly is only going to get worse. Rwanda was Clinton’s legacy and Syria is going to be Obama’s.

Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States. Propping up corrupt, human rights denying, tyrannical theocratic Islamist states. Yes there are drone wars against al-Qaeda, but these drone wars also end up attacking the civilian population. Not good for the USA in the long run. Further dependency on these nations for oil because our own oil production has been curtailed because of a mistaken “green energy” policy. Failure to stop Iran’s nuclear program has led to these nations seeking nuclear weapons of their own to counterbalance the growing Iranian threat. This scenario is due to the failure of the Obama administration to deal with the reality of an Iranian nuclear weapon, its economic impact on the world economy and the nuclear arms race. So now the world will deal with more unstable Islamist theocratic states seeking genocidal weaponry.

Libya. “Leading from behind” so the British and the French could protect their oil investments in Libya. Using a Soros funded think tank concept of protecting civilians, the “Responsibility to Protect.” Obama created a new reason to selectively intervene overseas. Using an unrecognized new international law to pick and chose who is worthy of US protection. (ask the Syrian civilian how they feel about that. Why are they less important than a Libyan civilian?) Furthermore, at the same time, Obama defers to the UN and NATO claiming international law and agreements when it comes to the US protecting itself. Convoluted, and militarily disproportionate  thought process. Obama allowed the rebel forces to be taken over by al-Qaeda and did nothing to protect American citizens and our Ambassador from being attacked on 9/11/12 in Benghazi. Then to add insult to injury, the Obama administration tired to cover it up by saying the attack wasn’t terrorism but anger over a ridiculous video that no one ever heard of until Obama used it as an excuse for slaughtering US citizens.

South America. Allowing Iran and Hezbollah a foothold in the Americas through Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela. Courting Chavez instead of isolating him. Supporting Chavez’s unconstitutionally elected candidate in Honduras over the true President and still denying to this day, that country aide unless they capitulate to Chavez and his socialist anti-American cronies. Hezbollah now is aligned with Mexican drug cartels bringing illegal drugs into this country. Allowing a growing threat of radicalization in Latin and South America and destabilizing an important oil producing region of the planet.

Mexico. Drug cartels. Fast and Furious. Dead Border agents. Refusal to patrol the border. Non-protection of American citizens on the Mexican-US border. In fact the Obama administration has done more to hamstring US governors trying to protect their citizens than they have done in fighting human and drug trafficking. Refusal to deal with the implosion that is coming in Mexico due to corruption and malfeasance of its government officials by attaching better government requirements to economic agreements.

Iran. Holding out a hand to talk while Iran keeps spitting in our faces. Obama thinks he can curtail the Iranian nuclear bomb with incentives and sanctions. A carrot and a stick approach does not work with religious fanatics. Obama administration likes to say that the Iranians are rational actors, but they forget to say that they are Middle Eastern rational actors. Ignoring the fact that the Iranian bomb is a religious tenet. A  radical messianic Islamic cult is not gong to curtail their activities especially if they feel they are on a path to paradise and righteousness. Economic and international political incentives are no match for religious fervor.

The biggest mistake the Obama administration has made with Iran and in fact with the entire Middle East is the same that most foreign policy “experts” make…They see the Middle East in the guise of western foreign policy thought instead of middle eastern Islamic notion of reality. These two concepts are diametrically opposed and no amount of  western education is going to change that. It is the refusal of the foreign policy experts like Hagel to understand that to deal with the Middle East you need to lead from the front, not behind. That being a paper tiger is the equivalent of death and dishonor. That some odd UN charter isn’t going to mean anything to the Arab world if it conflicts with their view of the world and that international agreements are only as good as long as the Arab world gets what it wants. Also  cajoling them with money, access or allowing them to be severely antisemitic without any repercussions only leads to their world view that they are correct, that Israel will be destroyed along with the west (including the USA) and that they need only have to wait. Patience in their part of the world is a huge commodity.

UN. Allowing anti-American elements at the UN to run rampant. Not even trying to curtail the UN. Allowing the UN to stop reviewing and revamping its bureaucracy. Paying for the UN budget without getting anything in return.

Europe. Anytime Europe is happy with the USA it means we are in big trouble. When the European elites like the USA it means our economy is flailing and we are losing our ability to lead. Europe is a dying continent and we need to let it go and stop trying to save it. Europe made its bed. It followed the failed socialist economic theory destroying doctrine and allowed the Islamists to run rampant over their democracies. Let Europe sort it out themselves. Let Europe pay for itself. The USA does not need Europe, Europe needs us and we should use that leverage to demand economic realities before the World Bank gives one more penny. Why should Americans work well into their old age so Europeans can retire at 55? Let Greece go and let it take France with her.

And no the topic of Israel and the Obama administration is not part of this report. Beyond the immense failures of the Obama administration in dealing with Israel or the Palestinian leadership, is the fact that this administration follows soft racism in dealing with the Arab world. Thinking that for some reason the Arab world cannot be held to the standards of international responsibility, they give them none. They demand no pressure on the Palestinians, along with no application and no sense of historical reality. (Three offers of a state rejected and still the Obama administration thinks the Palestinian leadership has its people’s welfare as its primary focus.) They treat the Palestinians like infantile incompetents, unable to think proactively or in a way that the world will respect. Instead they allow the PA, now reaching out to Hamas, to continue on in its self-delusional ideal of destroying Israel and committing genocide against another 6 million Jews.

The failures of the Obama administration, and its advisers like Hagel, is not simply about Israel, but is about a world view that is childish, infantile and ill-conceived. Israel is only the canary in the coal mine. Distancing itself from Israel while the Obama administration placates those that are evil in this world is not only cynical, but is dangerous and probably at its core antisemitic. (There is new evidence that when in charge of the USO Hagel tried to shut the very popular Haifa USO club down. He apparently told a Jewish community representative that if the Jews want a USO in Haifa they can pay for it themselves.) There is no other reason for this foreign policy approach since it makes absolutely no sense and is counterintuitive. Courting those that want to destroy you while turning on those who are your friends says disaster in the making .

So all in all, the foreign policy wonks of the Obama administration have screwed the pooch in every part of the world. They have made this a more dangerous world and have left the USA in a precarious position with no international support. No international financial strength. No friends save for Israel, from whom they continually seek to distance themselves.

To those who think Hagel deserves to be SecDef based upon his foreign policy prowess, think again. There have been no successes, no foresight and no strategic planning. The foreign policy of this nation is at a standstill. It is a wait and see rather than proactive plan. This is not how a super power behaves, and make no mistake we are still, despite Obama’s incompetence and active self-destruction, the only true super power on the planet. A super power plans, acts and uses its power to make certain that  the world economy flows, the military stays strong and the people see a productive future. None of these requirements have come out of the Obama foreign policy. It along with its foreign policy wonks are a failure and that is why Hagel, who is  an adviser on foreign policy to this administration, has no  business being Sec Def.

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