Do as I Say Not as I Do…Jewish-Left Hyocrisy Strikes Again

So the rabbis at B’nai Jeshrun in NYC think the UN resolution about Palestine is a great idea and long overdue. The NY Times of course calls them brave. I call them something else, which by the way even with over 550 comments, The NY Times refuses to print my comment….go figure. Anyway here is what I wrote that so frightened the powers on the Left:

What is so courageous about sitting in the safe, secure and wealthy neighborhood of the Upper West Side while telling other people that they have to sacrifice their children on the alter of your political vision? This is hubris, not bravery. How awful for them that they may receive some backlash, that people don’t grovel at the wisdom of these Rabbis’ self-importance.

The UN resolution, which in itself was a violation of previous resolutions 242, 338, and accords signed by Israel and the PA, decided the “borders” of the future Palestinian state without giving any thought to Israeli security. Never mind that there was no respect taken into account for Jewish holy sites. Now being that Bnai Jeshrun is a reform movement temple perhaps they think that the destruction of all the synagogues in the Old City during Arab rule and the desecration of the Kotel was just fine and dandy. Or that the incitement to violence, Temple and Holocaust denial and denial of the Jewish peoples historical ties to the Land of Israel by the PA and the Arab world in general is just fine too. The actions by the PA and the Arab world to destroy and obliterate Jewish history (see UNESCO resolutions simply for an example) does not seem to bother them one bit either.

People need to remember that the Palestinians have been offered a state 3 times in history. The last time including parts of Jerusalem, which they turned down. Clinton discussed it at Saban. These rabbis need to have paid attention.


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