Someone Buy Hillary a Jewish History Book

During the recent Saban conference Hillary Clinton accused the Israelis of not being sympathetic enough to the oppressed Palestinians. Apparently Israel, a nation built by those running from oppression world wide, lack a working  understanding of what it is to be an oppressed people. At first one would think that this is a line from The Onion. But no it’s not. What is certain, however, is that this woman is completely and utterly ignorant of the last four thousand years of world history or thinks it has no bearing nor relevance to modern-day. Maybe even worse than that she thinks the Jews deserved pogroms, ghettos, antisemitic laws, the Holocaust and Israel deserved five wars of annihilation coupled with constant terror for the last 65 years simply because it exists. Perhaps she is a supporter of the Palestinian’s latest credo of Temple denial, and made-up national historical story. Well they needed something since that holocaust denial push actually didn’t do anything for their cause.

Since she likes the Moslem Brotherhood, celebrating the Islamist rise to power, and the PLO so much it would stand to reason that she agrees with their basic philosophies of Jew-hatred too. Many have forgotten that she found a way to funnel money to the PLO during her tenure at the Ford Foundation while the PLO was still listed by the US government as a terrorist organization. Even more insulting is that Clinton thinks that Israel is supposed to feel sympathy for a people who not only call for genocide against their nation, but actively seeks to murder Jewish children and openly celebrates when Jewish children are slaughtered. Maybe Clinton feels Jews were too hard on the Nazis too, after all they did have a make-work program for those Jews able-bodied enough to avoid the showers.

Clinton actually  thinks she will be President in 2016… I am certain the stupid-ass Joos of America will vote for her. As they overwhelmingly voted for Obama, the most anti-Israel President in history, they will vote for Obama’s capo without fail. And all the good little court-juden will be happy to beg crumbs from her table as they give her millions to carry on her hatred of Israel. The Leftist-Progressive agenda and DNC uberalus. Without a doubt in Hillary’s world it is salonfahig, nay demanded, to actually help slit your own throat if you are a Jew.


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