Hubris and Hoohahs…..The Fault is in Ourselves

Liberals are going to gloat. Conservatives are going to sulk. Meanwhile the rest of us are left with a country in decline. A failing economy, a schizophrenic electorate and a political class seemingly truly out of touch with reality. And yes that includes democrats who so deftly deflected from their failures by channeling the weak willed’s greatest fears and dividing this nation into conquerable divisive ethnic groups…True accountability and independence were never on the platform of either candidate.

Scapegoating is a time old tradition. It actually goes back to the Bible. The original scapegoat, was a poor animal, sent off into the desert to die for the sins of the community. We cannot use an animal today in such an ancient ritual, nor should we. Society has come too far from the “machinations and ignorance” of the ancients.  So what do we do instead. We now, of course, have our fellow human beings to blame for our mistakes and contretemps. As a society we take no blame for anything that we have done wrong. It is due to others conscious or unconscious venal personalities that you cannot get on and up in this world. Or better yet, we think as any child does that someone is going to come along and get us out of the mess that we created for ourselves. It is self-infantilization to the maximum degree.

That is the role of the nanny-state. It is so much easier to think that someone else owes you something for your foibles. Somewhere, some individual decided that you can make any choice along the way in life and not have to pay for it in some manner. That the mess you create should be left to others, because your life or existence is too important to worry about tomorrow. Future generations be damned. The here and now is what is important.

Society talks about a safety net. Yes, there are those in life, especially since the beginning of this economic disaster we are living through, that need a helping hand. A safety net is not an abuse of the system. In many ways it is needed because of what we have done to the system. The safety net is not part of the problem. For so many it is the only solution in a societal system that has quite frankly left them behind and failed them.

It is important to remember that the concept of a “safety net” is different from the concept of “nanny-statism,” or failure to take responsibility. This is the actual belief that someone else should pay for your life choices. Consequences of thought, deed and outcome are anathema to a modern-21st-century progressive society. It used to be that part of learning as a child is to learn from your mistakes. Did we as a generation shudder at the notion that we need to allow our children to fail in order to learn? Did we make it impossible for our own children to persevere in the face of a harsh reality? Is it our fault that we failed to truly educate our offspring in what really matters as we pushed them through calculus, physics and advanced finance? Did we cover up too many misdirected adolescent choices instead of allowing society to extract the punishment deserved. Did we protect our fledgling too long instead of pushing them out of the nest? Did we fail to notice that our children lack the ability to stand on their own two feet and proceed with the vagaries of life? Did we ourselves create the concept of being taken care of forever by never allowing them to deal with the consequences of their own choices? From mommy-daddy bailouts to the nanny-state-bailout. That is the trajectory we have placed our children upon and hence society and the future.

If we want to change our children’s future, we need to first change ourselves. We need to stop pointing fingers and scapegoating others for this recent election. We have no one to blame but ourselves as we hurtle into the financial and economic abyss. We have allowed the public education system  to lead in the upbringing of our children. We have allowed celebrity-malfeasance to be the watchword of our homes instead of the concept of rights and wrongs. Our children know the names of the Kardashians but cannot list the Presidents of the USA. Our children hero-worship abusive and drug using sports heroes instead of Navy Seal Team Six. We have allowed society’s celebrity culture to take over parenting our children. All our children see is how their “stars” get away with crimes, abusive behavior and outright societal malfeasance. The concept of right and wrong has been turned upside down.

So the outcome of this past election, while somewhat of a surprise (if you paid attention to certain polls and pundits), is not entirely a shock. We have allowed a culture of dependency and fantasy to rule over our children and over the future of our nation. We have allowed a culture of no responsibility and scapegoating and bullying to replace a national mindset of exceptionalism and self-reliance. The Caesars of old used to give the people of Rome “Bread and Circuses” to control the mob. It is no different today. That is why celebrity endorsements of political candidates are so much more important than the endorsements by those that give their adult lives, 500 retired generals and admirals as example, in service to this country. The only difference between us and the ancients, however is that we are supposed to be smarter, more sophisticated and savvy enough to know how to put a stop to nanny-state manipulation and demand honor, respectability and true independence from tyranny.

In truth, if we want to put our nation on the correct trajectory, we first have to begin with our own homes and selves.


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