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Love Song to Obama

From Latma Advertisements

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Laughing Joe….But R U Laughing?

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Celebrating Sexy Jewish Women: Beyond Being a Woman of Valor

I grew up in the age when it was not only acceptable, but basically de rigueur, to denigrate Jewish women with the acronym-JAP- Jewish American Princess. It was an antisemitic characateur that Jewish women were money-grubbing-gold-diggers only interested in marrying … Continue reading

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Operation President Flexible

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Obama Administration’s Top 5 Scandals

From PJ Media: 1. FAST and FURIOUS 2. Sebelious breaks federal law and keeps job 3. Leaking of sensitive national security info for reelection bid 4. Telling contractors to lie about layoffs 5. LIBYA For the breakdowns and implications go … Continue reading

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