American Women Are More Than Their Vaginas

Apparently according to the Obama campaign it is impossible for women to wrap their brains around the mishandling of the economy and failed foreign affairs of the past four years. According to the Obama campaign the last four failed years are not important because the only topics women care about for the future are those issues that revolve around their vaginas and uteri. Talk about a war on women. Talk about a mountain of disregard and disrespect. This inane supercilious  advent of the democrats that women are too self-focused and too self-centered to care about the nation at large is beyond the pale. Insulting doesn’t even begin to describe their latest campaign denouement.

Women need a good economy. Women want to feed their children, clothe their children, house their children as independent and self-sufficient adults. Women are not JULIA who relies on government to ensure her very existence. Women are strong self-realizing human beings that know without a strong economy their children have no future and no American dream. Women do not want the government telling them how to raise their children. Whether it’s the government telling women what their children  should eat and drink, to how women choose to feed their newborns or what words people are allowed to use. Women do not need nor want a nanny state overseeing their lives. No, government does not know better than any individual about what the future should hold.

Ironically the original feminist movement railed against the societal predisposition to view women through the lens of their sex organs. The original feminist movement’s purpose was for society to see women first as capable independent human beings. Women were to viewed as persons able and willing to stand on their own two feet if given the proper respect and proper chance.Women demanded the right to decide for themselves about their bodily integrity, not that someone else should pay for it. Women demanded good schools and good employment opportunities. Women demanded independence of thought, action and existence. Women do not need a pat on the head from government as if they are misbegotten ill-prepared children. Women are not lapdogs waiting for a human master to recognize their existence. Women are tired of being infantilized by government and the democratic left.

Today the Obama campaign has come full circle. They see women as dependent upon government largesse for their success, their healthcare and especially their bodily integrity. The democrats have once again turned women into chattel. But this time instead of the husband being your lord and master, it is the government that rules over a women’s world. The left thinks that women are weak of mind and ability, incapable of success without the intervention of “Big Daddy” government.  It’s ironic really, that in the end, all the left sees in a woman is her reproductive organs.

American women understand that with economic independence comes bodily integrity, self-realization, independence, freedom of thought and action, along with the American dream. For with economic realization comes the political power to make your dreams come true. American women know what needs to be done to advance themselves and their children. It’s called hard work not government largesse. American women know that what they need is not a nanny-government but freedom to create their own future. American women really do understand that the most important organs in their bodies are their brains and their hearts. American women know that they are more than their vaginas.







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