That Pesky First Amendment..Who Needs It…Apparently Not POTUS

The hallmark of a free nation is NOT the right to be free from offense. Yet our President deemed it necessary to go before the world yesterday and decry one of the major tenets of our nation…the right of free speech. To tell the oligarchs, tyrants and totalitarians sitting in the United Nations General assembly hall that we cannot “let the world be led by those that defame the prophet” is to give leave to those that hate the United States. It gives succor to those who wish to curtail freedom of speech and create a world where dissent is punishable under Moslem blasphemy regulations and laws. (here) It says to the world again, we apologize for our freedoms, for our beliefs and for our history. We apologize that freedom is messy. We are so sorry we upset you. We are so sorry that we are a free people.

The position of President of the United States is to protect and defend the Constitution of the Untied States including the Bill of Rights. It is disgusting enough that a President would apologize for the hard-won freedoms that American soldiers have died for around the globe. It is quite another thing when he demeans  the very essence of our republic on our own soil as well.

For decades the left has tried to curtail free discussion and free speech in many ways. They have indoctrinated the chattering classes with the nonsense of political correctness and cultural relativism. You cannot discuss anything of meaning for fear of insulting someone’s sensibilities, except if you chose to deride, ridicule and defame Jews/Israel. No complaint at the UN about Arab antisemitism, except for a brief mention of holocaust denial, as if that, and not the 3000 years of Jewish history, is the reason that Israel has a right to exist. No complaint at the UN about the slaughter of Christian communities throughout the Middle East. No complaint at the UN about gender apartheid, female genital mutilation or the debasement of women throughout the Arab and Moslem world. No complaint about any of the  tyrannical societies at the UN for that would be colonialist, condescending and self-important on the part of the United States. No complaint at all, for holding nonaligned and third world nations to the human rights treaties they signed in order to belong to the United Nations is just so judgmental.

Instead of us holding to our true ideals, we give in to the machinations and propaganda of those that wish us ill. We allow them to come lecture us about speech and sensibilities whether at the UN or at the Clinton Global Initiative. We give credence to those that murder our ambassadors and talk of genocide against a fellow nation. We give respect to those that call for the denigration, even murder, of those that are not like them, while they demand respect for their beliefs and their way of thinking. We welcome into our halls the Moslem Brotherhood, the Islamists of Pakistan and the genocidal-Messianic leader of Iran. All chastising us for we allow open speech, dialogue and argument. Meanwhile, they murder, pillage and rape their way through their societies, committing one atrocity after the other, towards those that do not fit into their predetermined mold of what constitutes a human being.

The attachment, acceptance and aligning with such a candidate and a politician, so disgraces the historic relevance of this nation and debases the US Constitution. It makes all the President’s supporters unfit for the offices they hold. Their cynical adherence to power instead of our Bill of Rights is Machiavellian and malevolent. They threaten the very cornerstone of our society and our freedoms. The power-hungry, so ready to throw over the very basic foundations of this nation in order to retain power, is the reason that we, the people, fought against tyranny throughout our history.

It is time to remember our heritage and make sure it is not for sale and won’t be compromised by our elected officials. Those that do not respect the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights have no place in our government. It is time to remember this offense in November. It is time to vote people into office who understand that it is WE THE PEOPLE, not they the government, who rule this land. Our rights are not doled out to us by the government, as a child is given a gold star for good and politically correct socially acceptable behavior. Our rights are ours by God and nature’s laws. It is time we remind our elected officials that there is nothing they can do about it….ever. It is time to take back our nation, our heritage and our future.





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