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Bibi’s UN Speech-In Short

Translation: Am Yisroel Chai…The Jewish people live…. Advertisements

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Perilous Times

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Bibi Makes Certain the World Gets His Meaning

  Bibi makes it simple for the more challenged around the world to understand that there is very little time to stop Iran. Yes that is a sharpie drawing a Red Line. Not sure he dumbed it down enough for … Continue reading

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American Women Are More Than Their Vaginas

Apparently according to the Obama campaign it is impossible for women to wrap their brains around the mishandling of the economy and failed foreign affairs of the past four years. According to the Obama campaign the last four failed years … Continue reading

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That Pesky First Amendment..Who Needs It…Apparently Not POTUS

The hallmark of a free nation is NOT the right to be free from offense. Yet our President deemed it necessary to go before the world yesterday and decry one of the major tenets of our nation…the right of free … Continue reading

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Rosh Hashana Greetings

From Latma Shana Tova Umetuka..may you have a sweet New Year. Am Yisroel chai…the Jewish people live

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