Romney in Jerusalem and the Left Flips

Presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney visited the Western Wall during the holiday of Tisha B’av. He mentioned that the holiday of Tish B’av is to mourn the destruction of the Temple, and Jerusalem. He recognized the religious and political significance of Jerusalem in the lives of the Jewish people. He recognized Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Israel. He vowed that if elected president of the United States, he would not allow Jerusalem to be destroyed again. Of course, this was definitely a political action. It was a huge symbolic move. Contrasting himself with his opponent, Barack Obama who can’t even manage to mention that Jerusalem is Israel’s capital.

Meanwhile, the Left is flipping its collective lid….

How dare he go to this holy site on such a holy day …It’s vulgar.

How dare he politicize this holiday.

How dare he politicize and try to draw a wedge in the pro-Israel community.

The republicans are exploiting the Jewish vote, says Nancy Pelosi. Being pro-Israel is only a cover for maintaining tax breaks, says Nancy Pelosi…

The Jewish-American community is very small in comparison to the rest of the United States. But they have a sizable presence in several battle ground states. A change in the number of Jews who vote for the democratic candidate could be the difference between Obama retaining the White House. It seems to me that the Left is getting too upset over a visit to a Jewish holy place, one by the way that candidate Obama made, in a foreign country.

At last count Obama has retained the Jewish vote 68 to 32 percent. If that were the real numbers what are the democrats so worried about? Why the freak out over Romney in Israel? Why are the democrats trying to stop Israel from being a dividing issue, which it is? Why question the “Jewish-morality” of  those Jewish-Americans who support the republicans? Why are the democrats attacking on a singularly ethnic level?

It can only be for one reason and one reason alone….Something has to be up in their internal polling on the Jewish vote in battleground states. The democrats seem scared to death…..GOOD

Meanwhile here is a comment I left discussing Romney’s “vulgar” trip….

So Obama goes to the Wall during his campaigning and that’s OK. Obama breaks every promise to support Israel and that’s OK. Obama has deserted Israel and won’t even call or acknowledge Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and that’s OK. Obama holds a terrorism conference and won’t include Israel or acknowledge that her people are victims of terrorism, but that’s OK. Obama welcomes the virulent antisemitism of the Moslem Brotherhood and tries to cozy up to Islamists who call for genocide against the Jews and that’s OK. Yet Romney on the holiday of the destruction of the Temple and Jerusalem goes to the Wall and vows that he would never let that the destruction of Israel happen again and that’s vulgar according to Goldberg.

What is vulgar is Jews like Mr. Goldberg who can’t get their collective heads out of their tuchas and seem destined to vote for the most anti-Israel President in US history. I guess when Obama lets Iran go nuclear and there is a horrible war thanks to Obama’s isolation and derision of Israel, Goldberg and his ilk can add some more Jewish dead to their lamentations on Tisha B’Av. I wonder if Goldberg would consider his complicity in these deaths vulgar? I do.



Just watched Romney’s speech in Jerusalem, Israel. Very nicely done. No Romney did not attack Obama. He said that he would not do that while on foreign soil. Classy and elegant. Link HERE to read his remarks.




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