2,000 Years Later Enemies Still Won’t Recognize the Jewish Capital

The Jewish holiday of Tish B’av, which begins this weekend, is the commemoration of the destruction of the two holy Temples in Jerusalem and the subsequent diaspora of the Jews that followed. This holiday forces us to remember who are our friends and who are our enemies.

It took 2000 years for the Jews to return to their capital Jerusalem and rebuild their nation. Tisha B’av reminds us not only of the historical realities of persecution and displacement that the Jewish people have endured over these millenia, but it reminds us that our enemies are still plentiful. It is not coincidental that just days before this holy day the spokesperson for the Obama administration doesn’t seem able to remember that capital of the State of Israel.

Sometimes messages are as plain as the nose on your face….

Yet it still seems that the majority of Jewish-Americans are going to vote this hateful administration back into power …..It seems common sense is not one of those characteristically Jewish traits is it?


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