The Munich Olympic Massacre 1972

A minute of silence has once again been officially rejected by the Olympic committee, most notably because the Arab states would be offended. We need to do our best to remind the world what happened in 1972. Palestinian terrorists murdered 11 Israeli athletes. Watch a terrific video HERE.

I wonder what kind of society you live in when remembering those that are murdered is considered an evil thing. I wonder what kind of world we live in when those who should know better capitulates to evil.? As Deborah Lipstadt writes…Jewish blood is cheap..then rightfully bemoans the fact that the IOC attempted to defuse their hypocrisy with an insulting, unannounced and totally self-important memorial to the Israeli athletes.

Lipstadt’s second article was an answer to the not surprising attitude of  Peter Beinart and his ilk, who are annoyed at the rest of us for wanting to remind the world about murdered Jews. Tell me about that big tent again and how everyone should be let in. One blogger answered me that it is better to have Peter piss out of the tent then into it. Sadly I think he may be wrong. Peter is so devoid of sense that he is pissing into the tent as he claims to be a part of it. Even an animal knows not to defecate where they live, obviously that reality is lost on Beinart and his Open Zion friends. But many still think that Peter is Jewish so his opinions are supposed to be relevant? It’s the clarion call of the soft peddled feel-good-Jewish-antisemite or what one might call Jew-washing your antisemitism.
FYI- I will be watching the Olympics. No I am not going to join in a boycott. Athletes spend their entire lives preparing for these few minutes and I will be there rooting on team USA and team Israel. I am not going to punish some hard-working young people, or deprive myself of watching their accomplishments,  due to  some  Machiavellian insipidly evil old men.
But I will not buy Olympic trinkets, their promotions or their crap. Advertisers have already paid their bounty for commercials so not watching on TV will have no effect. The reality is that the Olympics will lose millions of dollars. They always do….we can only hope.
  • David Berger - Middle-Heavyweight Weightlifter
  • Ze'ev Friedman - Flyweight Weightlifter
  • Eliezer Halfin - Lightweight Wrestler
  • Amitzur Shapira - Head Track Coach
  • Kehat Shorr - Marksmanship Coach
  • Mark Slavin - Greco Roman Wrestler
  • Andre Spitzer - Fencing Coach
  • Yakov Springer - Weightlifting Judge
  • Yossef Romano - Middleweight Weightlifter
  • Yossef Gutfreund - Wrestling Referee
  • Moshe Weinberg - Wrestling Coach
  • Anton Fliegerbauer - German Police Officer

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