Enter the “Feel Good” Jewish Anti-Semite

The Left is in a quandary…how do they attack Israel and her Jewish supporters without sounding like an anti-Semite? Over at Media Matters they had let MJ Rosenberg lead the way with the “Israel-firster” screed,  until it got too hot and they had lost all credibility. You see, since the Obama White House insiders were actually successful in using that dog-whistle against Dennis Ross, who didn’t tow the Obama line on Israel (at first), the Left figured they could take it nationwide. What they didn’t expect was that  conservative Jews wouldn’t take it laying down and the lefty-Jews were then forced to complain as well. The anti-Semitic-anti-Israel-dog-whistle campaign  failed big time.

What did they learn? Don’t attack Jewish-Americans directly. Don’t call their loyalty into question. What the modern-leftist-anti-Semite needs to do is stick to the old tried and true..using anti-Semitic -dog-whistles to attack Israel alone. Hey if they can find a Jew to provide cover so much the better. And they did…

Peter Beinart with his blog Open Zion is trying to garner traffic by injecting Mondoweiss authors into the mix. Beinart’s book and his site are an abject failure. Boring, noisy, historically and politically inaccurate so noone was paying him much mind, unless of course you ignore the invite to Jerusalem by President Peres. However, controversy he wanted to start and controversy he started. Open Zion’s blogmaster, The Daily Beast, and its owner Newsweek, garnered the clicks they were looking for. HERE, HERE

Now comes along Salon. The grandaddy of political sites. Out of touch and out of the loop, they too are looking for a little controversy to throw in the mix. Get that traffic up. After-all the higher the traffic, the larger the advertising fees. So they too have decided to add Mondoweiss to their staff. For who better to discuss Jewish survival and the right of Jewish self-defense than Jewish anti-Semites. Never mind the “Israel-firster” screed so continually thrown about at Mondoweiss, they also specialize in that “sinister Jewish cabal”  that controls the unsuspecting world theories. Really The Protocols of the Elder of Zion have nothing on theses anti-Semitic Jews. Listen, if what you write is linked to by Stormfront, you are not writing complimentary stories about Jews.

What is interesting is that these ardently Leftist blogs don’t entice readers with stories about the good that Israel does,or the success story of Israel’s tech industry, or how Israel is a democratic society, and more tolerant of lifestyle choices than anything even understood in most of the world, including the US. No they spin stories filled with ignorance and hate and bile. They know that their readers glomb off the tome of the antisemite so they give their readers their narcotic.

But its OK, they say..we magazines are not antisemitic…the stories are written by Jews. The owners of the sites are Jews after all too. These Jewish anti-Semites give the world cover for their hate. These are the touchy feely antisemties. The Jews who make the Leftists feel good about their vile addiction to Jew-hatred. They give sucker to evil and evil laps it up. These are worse than the “As-A-Jew” Jews. You know, the Jews who only bring out their Jewish heritage to deride Israel. Who otherwise have abandoned the Jewish people and the Jewish way of life. The Jewish anti-Semite attaches himself to the Jewish community and uses this attachment as a credential to spout their ignorance.

Meanwhile, Mondoweiss came again to speak in Chappaqua , New York at the high school this year. The same speaker, David Samel. The one who wrote that it was justified to slit the throat of 3 month old Hannah Fogel. Not a peep out of the Jewish community there. Not a peep from any of the Rabbis either. Claiming freedom of speech and all that it engenders?  Who knows. It appeared that these Jews instead of protesting just ran for cover, hiding in their holes until the situation passed over.

Yet what would the great people of Chappaqua do if a conservative came and talked about Islamic terror, and the clash of civilizations, what kind of uproar would ensue? I wonder if there was a conservative who spoke out against gay marriage what the community would do? Scream, yell, demand a retraction of the invitation? But no retraction of the invitation for those who promote the vilest form of Jew-hatred. Apparently,it is fine to  promote the murder of Jewish children  in this “super zipcode.

It’s not a wonder that the Clintons chose to live among these people, considering how Hillary has demonstrated a hatred, disregard and disrespect for Israel. The Jews who she lives among, are her kind of self-hating or even anti-semitic Jews. They are her kind of Lefty-Jew.

Yep, the area went big for Obama and according to the polls will do so again…guess they can invite all of Mondoweiss back next year. Maybe they can invite Ahmadinejad too. Afterall,  his opinion is no different than what you read on Mondoweiss. Ah, but they can’t. Since he’s not a Jew, it means his antisemitism isn’t touchy feely enough to pass and make all the Leftists fell good about themselves. Ah well… Beinart is looking for speaking engagements though.

Read Robert Wistrich,  From Ambivalence to Betrayal: The Left, the Jews and Israel.

7/17 Latest Jewish-anti-Semitic post is up at Tablet. (Not kidding.) While Tablet is so far to the Left it can be said they are the south-paw-of-political-Judaism, lately their writers, and the editor, seemed to have come to their senses and understood that the enemy is not their fellow Jews, or even a “conservative” politician, but those that wish to destroy the Jewish people. It had seemed that Tablet had turned a corner and had passed its adolescent-rebellious-obnoxious-know-it-all stage. Guess not…You have to read this revolting article to believe that they actually published it…Better yet skip directly to the comments. They will give you an idea what was written without causing indigestion.


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