Conservatives are Acting Like Spoiled Brats: Stop It

For some unspecified reason Conservatives thought it was their right to have SCOTUS overturn Obamacare. They had it all planned out how the decision would be written. Who would write it. What it would say and why. Quell surprise when that didn’t happen. But what did happen is a massive social media meltdown by some people who pride themselves on their intelligence, their political acumen and their ethics and morals.

SCOTUS has spoken. If you don’t like it do something about it. Get like minded people elected to Congress and the White House and overturn Obamacare.That is exactly what Roberts wrote. It is not up to SCOTUS to save the people from themselves. The duly elected Congress and the White House enacted a constitutional law and quite frankly whether it is good law or bad is not up to SCOTUS.

Everyone complains when SCOTUS or the judiciary, is activist. Now they are complaining because they are not. Make up your minds. It’s always interesting that if you like a law ruling it is as if it was written by the hand of God and if you don’t somehow that very same brilliant jurist has become akin to a dim-witted snail.

But name-calling the Chief Justice. Seriously? Bullying those who disagree with you while claiming the Chief Justice was bullied defies reality and quite frankly does nothing for your cause. (Here) Deciding you know Constitutional law better than one of the most preeminent Constitutional scholars of our time (Roberts) really you don’t. What you should be doing is figuring out what the ruling means and why and your next move. (Here)

You don’t have to agree with the ruling. You don’t have to like the ruling. You can even think the sophism used was illogical and beyond the pale. But what you should not be doing is wasting everyone’s time with massive spoiled brat meltdowns. Sadly “pundits and politicos” are quite active in that regard lately.

This has been the most embarrassing display of infantile behavior since the democrats lost Bush v Gore. Grow up. Stop acting like a  two-year-old whose mommy and daddy wouldn’t buy them that obnoxious-overpriced-toy. Quite frankly the lot of you need to be put in a time out.





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