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From Ben Cohen at Commentary about the cadre of useful-idiot-Jewish-anti-Zionists. One has to wonder if they really think that they are exempt when Islamists say Jews are akin to “apes and pigs” or promote their goal calling for the genocide of Jews worldwide. Sadly they are oblivious to the reality that Islamists hate Israel because it is Jewish, not hate Jews because of Israel. It seems these suicidal-Jews should read these history books:  Martin Gilbert, In the House of Ishmael, and Robert Wistrich, From Ambivalence to Betrayal, The Left, the Jews and Israel. Historical reality has a way of trumping illogical and self-destructive ideology. At least for some anyway.

Throughout the greater Middle East, opposition to the concept and existence of a Jewish state is an idée fixe for hundreds of millions of Arab and non-Arab Muslims. A hatred of Jewish political sovereignty that frequently dovetails with more traditional anti-Semitism animates café discussions and street protests as surely as it prohibits regional political progress. Yet the strand of anti-Zionism that has lately come to attract the most attention in the West is the one articulated by a tiny minority of left-wing Jews at a handful of websites. 

Full-time antagonists of Israel such as M.J. Rosenberg, Max Blumenthal, Philip Weiss, and Peter Beinart have accumulated an influence that vastly exceeds their single-digit numbers. This is in part due to the financial sponsorship of successful and well-established media institutions. Until March 2012, Rosenberg was employed by Media Matters for America (MMfA) at a salary of some $130,000 per annum. Weiss was supported for years by the Nation magazine’s Nation Institute. Peter Beinart’s new Open Zion blog is hosted by the Daily Beast, an online publication jointly owned by the Harman family and the Internet media giant IAC.

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