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Bloomberg Now Wants Hospitals to Hide Formula- Forced Breastfeeding

.@mikebloomberg When Bloomberg lets me decide what he can and cannot do with his penis he can tell me what to do with my breasts #Ibottlefed — Independent Patriot (@LibertysSpirit) July 31, 2012   Advertisements

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Romney in Jerusalem and the Left Flips

Presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney visited the Western Wall during the holiday of Tisha B’av. He mentioned that the holiday of Tish B’av is to mourn the destruction of the Temple, and Jerusalem. He recognized the religious and political significance … Continue reading

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2,000 Years Later Enemies Still Won’t Recognize the Jewish Capital

The Jewish holiday of Tish B’av, which begins this weekend, is the commemoration of the destruction of the two holy Temples in Jerusalem and the subsequent diaspora of the Jews that followed. This holiday forces us to remember who are … Continue reading

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The Munich Olympic Massacre 1972

A minute of silence has once again been officially rejected by the Olympic committee, most notably because the Arab states would be offended. We need to do our best to remind the world what happened in 1972. Palestinian terrorists murdered … Continue reading

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Christian Persecution in the Middle East and the American Dhimmi

From Pat Condell Sweeping religious persecution under the rug Obama overlooks Christian persecution Ayaan Hirsi Ali: The global war on Christians in the Muslim world Muslim persecution of Christians   For more articles on Christian persecution in the Arab world … Continue reading

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The New Face of Human Trafficking

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