The Islamist Storm and the Coming War

US State Department Map of the Middle East

Sometimes saying “I told you so” really isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Over a year ago I mentioned that the Arab Spring was going to turn into the Islamists summer and the world’s new winter. So it has begun…The Moslem Brotherhood officially takes over Egypt….

Turkey has gone Islamists….

Iraq has aligned itself with Iran through its  elected officials, even though the Iraqis have not been able to form a government.  Iraq is  majority Shia nation with the Kurds trying to remain independent in the north.

Libya has been taken over by Islamists. There are reports that they have been funneling weapons to Hamas…

Syria is at war with Islamists/al-Quaeda (maybe) noone really is certain. However, there is a good chance that they are Islamists since it was the Moslem Brotherhood that Hafez Assad destroyed in Hama all those years ago. This is not necessarily the same group that are the Free Syrians working out of western democratic nations. Also remember, this scenario played itself out in Iran when Khomeini took over too. First the democrats won and then lost everything to the theocrats.

Lebanon is beholden (and hugely controlled by) to Hezbollah, which is supported by Iran through Syria. If Syria falls to Sunni Islamists there is no reason to believe that they would not support Nasrallah and his quest to annihilate Israel.

Egypt, the democratically elected President is a Sunni Islamists of the Moslem Brotherhood. The group formed in the 1920s based upon the antisemitic forgery the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and a radical violent form of Islam. This group sided with the Nazis and today are Holocaust deniers and practice a medieval-violent-antisemtism (not to mention the slaughter of Egyptian Copts). They are aligned with Hamas and have already ratcheted up the tension on Israel’s border with Gaza by having Hamas attack southern Israel with almost 200 rockets since last week.

Remember that Hamas and al-Qaeda are offshoots of the Moslem Brotherhood. AL-Ziwahiri of al-Quaeda starting his Islamists track by being part of the Moslem Brotherhood. Of course whether it is a nation aligned with Shia Islamists or Sunni Islamist doesn’t necessarily make any difference. There are those who wrongly think that a Sunni Islamists government will be a wall to the resurgence of theocratic Iran… well they are wrong…

Never forget the saying….”The enemy of my enemy is my friend…”

There is one overriding issue that the Shia and the Sunni Islamists agree upon. That is the need to commit genocide against the State of Israel. This is their overriding concern. Israel resides in what they have decided is land part of the Islamic Ummah. No dhimmi can rule in this area and certainly not over Moslems.

The Moslem Brotherhood may be different from the “conservative” gulf oil states, but Wahhabi Islam is as reactionary as the Moslem Brotherhood they are just better at hiding how they see the west. Their madrassas, and schools throughout the world, preach Jew-hatred, denounce democracy and teach political Islamism. While they would like to curtail the power of Iran, and this is evident by the Saudi arming of the rebels in Syria, they still believe in the Islamic Ummah and consider themselves the rightful rulers of Jerusalem.

The idea that Israel is a democracy is anathema to them and seen as a foreign philosophy in direct contradiction to their sense of themselves. The Islamists do not have an issue with using western philosophy of democracy and acceptance against the west. They have no issue using democratic notions to gain control in their native lands. But it is not part of their governance. Their Islam is political. It is an entire way of life. There are no rights not given in the Koran. This alone will allow them to join forces and then turn their spiritual hatred into a physical reality against Israel. In fact this joint venture is already a reality. Iran backs Hamas.

The only nation so far not affected by this Islamist upheaval is Jordan. But the Hashemite hold on power is very tenuous. A nation that is over 75% Palestinian, the Kingdom has been taking away citizenship from millions of Palestinian descendants. Giving them less and less a say in the Parliament. This is because the Palestinians remember Black September and back the Brotherhood. The government is trying to control how much political power the Moslem Brotherhood will wield in Jordan. But the Islamist power is growing and it is only a matter of time before the King decides to yield more and more power to them inorder to stay on the throne himself. Eventually and in not too distant a future, he too will disappear.

The peace is gone, not that it was more than a cold peace. The Moslem Brotherhood will use the west to garner money and weapons. The west will think it can bribe the Brotherhood into behaving and conforming to western tenets. But the Brotherhood will use the coming years to consolidate their power and end the march to democracy. Much as the Nazis did in the 1930s once they came to power. They will see their caliphate created except for Israel and Israel is their present target. There will be  a war. The question is when, not if, and whether Islamists will have that atomic bomb. Israel is determined to not let that happen.

The world is living through another 1920s and 1930s. The Jew is once against the target and the world once again blames the Jew. There is a big difference this time. This time, Jews have guns, some pretty big guns and they know how to use them. While the “trembling Israelites”,”antisemitic apologists”  and “self-hating Jews of the west”  may not like the idea that Jews need to fight back, luckily the government in Israel knows that they have no choice in the matter. Just a watch word to the western democratic nations…there is one thing that will not be repeated from the 1930s…

The west will not buy “Peace in our time” with Israel as they did with the Sudetenland. The west will betray Israel, and the Jews in their midst. In fact, it has already started. Look at the virulent antisemitism flooding Europe and leftist demagoguery, Once again everyone tries to blame the Jews for Jew-hatred. But this time, there are Jews who will not allow themselves to be killed without a fight. The west will have noone to blame but themselves, for their complacency, their antisemitism and their cultural relativism that allowed this evil of the upcoming Islamist war to occur.

The fight may not occur when it is convenient for the west or the rest of the world. But this time Jews who see the future and understand the past will remember Never Again is necessary and survival is their right.

UPDATE 3/22/16: Sadly what the world has seen since this post was first published is that what begins as making excuses for ideologies that yearn to murder Jews never ends with these evils being content to only kill Jews …. one day perhaps the world will learn this lesson….for our children’s and their children’s sake let us hope that it is sooner rather than later. It is more than time for the world to stop appeasing radical Islam and fight the war that has been brought to our doorstep.







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