Overturning the HealthCare Bill: Some Implications

Overturning all of the Healthcare Bill…yes yes yes, state’s rights, overreach of the federal government..death panels and a preeminent HHS…yes I agree for the most part.

Meanwhile my almost 22-year-old will not be able to buy insurance for himself. He has multiple disabilities and epilepsy. He only goes to school part-time (part-time students cannot buy health insurance). He does not have a job where they offer health insurance. So instead of telling my son he is not growing up quick enough or telling us we didn’t raise him to be an adult, how about Congress actually taking a look at how screwed up the insurance industry is and doing something about it. (By the way, we never asked for government services for him beyond educational rights and do not plan to.)

It is a good thing, especially in today’s economy that 26-year-olds can stay on their parents insurance. It is a good thing that you cannot be denied because of pre-existing conditions..but how about a cap on what the insurance companies can charge you? What good is an offer of an insurance policy if the monthly cost is astronomical?

Do I want government telling me what to do or which doctor to go to? No I do not. But I do not like it when the insurance companies do it either.

Do I want a government social worker deciding my children’s future?…Absolutely not. That is why we never applied for government benefits for our son. (He has been told too often that he cannot do. He has been disrespected too often because of his disability. I will not allow others to decide his future.) But if you think that insurance companies don’t tell you what you can and cannot do for your disabled offspring you are wrong. When insurance won’t pay for a therapy and the support your child needs, you need to figure out a way to afford it. Most in this world cannot. If you think this isn’t akin to a death panel you are mistaken.

So all of you out there who think overturning the entirely of the HealthCare Law will be some kind of victory, let me tell you it will be a fleeting victory…hopefully Congress will not play any games and pass a new law filled with everything that the average American liked about the HealthCare Law. But I doubt it. In Washington, we the taxpayer does not matter, it is party politics all the time.

Also, one big question, if I as a taxpayer have to pay for public hospitals and noone can be turned away regardless of ability to pay (a good thing) why shouldn’t people have to carry health insurance? Why do I have to pay for someone else and their lifestyle and their poor decision-making? Why can’t health insurance be affordable for the average person? Why can’t you travel with your health insurance? Why does some state legislature, who has been lobbied by the insurance industry, get to decide if  a medical procedure is appropriate for your child or not? Why do I have to pay for medical procedures I will never use? Why can’t I pick what I want in my plan? Somehow I do not think the founding father’s really thought about the healthcare monopoly when they compromised about state versus federal power in the Constitution.

Do I want socialized medicine? I have news for everyone we already have it here in the US in the guise of Medicaid and medicare.How hard would it be to stretch these programs to include a progressive payment option for those who can’t buy insurance and believe you me, there are plenty who want insurance and keep getting denied (ask any person with a disability.)

What we don’t have is healthcare that keeps the average person in mind. The Constitution was written to ensure that government can not encroach upon our rights. But do we not also have a right not to die, to be treated with respect instead of contempt and to not give up our rights to corporations? I wonder how many in this world carrying on with their libertarian ideals and their holier than though attitudes toward healthcare ever had to decide on food versus medicine/therapy for your child (including adult children)?

Shame on all of you getting ready to open up that bottle of champagne.


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