Questions about Gaza….

Just a question for the Middle East mavens:

If someone was violently trying to enter your house and they are screaming for your death as they do it, do you happily let them in, or do you shoot them before they breach the front door (remember they have been there before and have killed others of your children)?

Or do you have to wait and allow them to kill one of your children this time before you respond?

Or should you instead just offer them tea and cookies and hope for the best?

And has the world set different rules for you because of how you pray to God so everyone else in the world can defend themselves, but not your family?




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Zionism Denial

Israelis do not ‘revel’ in the Holocaust as a source of legitimacy for their state. They mourn a vision of a state that could have been home to so many more. Zionism sought a state for the Jews not so that “never again”. Zionism sought a state for the Jews so that never at all.


By Einat Wilf in The Daily Beast


“As Israel marks its national Holocaust Remembrance Day, many around the world will secretly roll their eyes. ‘There they go again the Zionists, using their precious Holocaust to justify their state, their power, their faults, reveling in a world guilted into silence.’

There are those who believe, too many, that without the holocaust there would have been no Israel. Most of them make this assumption in good faith. The American President himself, in his June 4, 2009 Cairo speech, spoke of “the recognition that the aspiration for a Jewish homeland is rooted in a tragic history that cannot be denied.”

But when so many believe that without the Holocaust there would have been no Israel, those who want Israel erased from map and memory, or isolated as an illegitimate state come to resent the Holocaust, or at least its association with Israel.

The American President wanted to make an important stand against Holocaust denial in the capital of the Arab world. He did not understand that by reaffirming the dangerous equation that the global legitimacy for Israel is rooted in the Holocaust, he fanned the motivation to engage in Holocaust denial for those who continue to believe, as they always have, that Israel is not a legitimate state.”

Article continued HERE.

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Holocaust Remembrance Day


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Free Speech

Journalist James Kirchick at TED-Yale.

“There is no right to not be offended….”

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Helpful Chart on Whether or not to Condemn a Hater

Since there has been so much written about the Women’s March leadership refusing to condemn the antisemitism and racism of Louis Farrakhan, and in fact making excuses for him, the chart below, can help you figure out whether you need to condemn or excuse a person’s hate filled rhetoric based upon Regressive Left criteria. Don’t worry, if you hate Jews, as long as you are on the Left, you can carry on….

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While Twitter tends to be a cess pool, there are days it can be good for the soul….


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