50th Anniversary of the Reunification of Jerusalem-Yom Yerushalayim

Rabbi Sacks on the meaning of Jerusalem

Every Empire has tried to separate the Jewish People from Jerusalem. But Am Yisrael are still here, stronger than every before, and the enemies of freedom are no longer…..

Maybe someone should clue in the US State Department, Pentagon, and the White House to the reality of history….

Personally I have given up on caring what the rest of the world thinks about the Jewish connection to Jerusalem.


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Ayaan Hirsi Ali appears on Rubin Reports: Islamist-Left Alliance, FGM, Sharia Law and Political Islam

From the Rubin Report

Islam, Islamists, and the Leftist-Islamist Alliance


Sharia Law and Political Islam


Female Genital Mutilation and Islamophobia

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The Mutation of Antisemitism

From Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

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Here There Be Dragons

In ancient times when sailors came to the end of their maps, they knew the world did not end, but not knowing what was to come they warned, “Here there be dragons.”  For going forward the danger was immense.

Today, the former Chief Rabbi of Israel, and Holocaust survivor, says in response to the latest gas attack by Assad in Syria, that there is genocide happening there. The question  then, is what is the world to do?

Do we rush in?

Do we start a world war? For Russia and Iran are Assad’s patrons and going after Assad means we go after Putin, the Mullahs, and Iran’s proxies in Syria, Hezbollah, which has effectively become the state of Lebanon.

Do we have a no fly zone?

Do we put boots on the ground?

Do we create sanctions?

How do we help the innocents?

Civilized people know that the world needs to send a message.

The world cannot let this pass without action. It endangers our entire order, and the established norms against war crimes.

We truly are in unchartered territory.

Obama’s former Ambassador to Israel, summed up the situation very neatly on twitter.


This truly is unchartered international political territory.

Yes, the danger is immense….

Yes, Here there be dragons……



Meanwhile this is what the United Nations did to Syria today, a day after they committed an atrocious war crime.


The United States and Israel might actually have to stand against these war crimes alone.


UPDATE: The US has launched over 60 Tomahawk missiles at the Syrian base that launched the CW attack. The West is supporting Trump’s decision, while the typical villains, Russia and Iran, are condemning the retaliation as a war crime.

Putin, of course, is calling for an emergency Security Council meeting to condemn the US.

You would laugh if this wasn’t so sad.

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“Where are your Jews?”

The UN Human Rights Council is known for its blatant antiIsrael lies. The most damning one they try to promote is the lie that Israel is an apartheid state, ethnically cleansing Palestinians. Vociferously pushed by the worst human rights abusers in the world.

Here, during a recent debate on Israel, UN Watch‘s Hillel Neuer silences the room with the question, “Where are your Jews?”


Who then truly promotes ethnic cleansing and apartheid in this world?


There was a Jewish Nakba and it was even bigger than the Palestinian one

The Galling Absence of the Jewish Nakba

Jewish refugees from Arab countries

The Expulsion of Jews from Arab Countries



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As I see it right now…

I had thought that I would start writing on my political blog once again, considering the ripe atmosphere for commentary. But I find myself bored.

Not so much that there aren’t problems, but as usual everyone is only complaining and not offering any new ideas.

Personally I have no answers other than to keep doing what I am doing. Vote for people who oppose policies I oppose. Vote for the person, not the party and not the platform.

But there are some real issues:

The #resistance is annoying in an infantile way. Really pink pussy hats? Really?Swearing and insulting words? Tacky classless clowns don’t represent my thoughts or ideas.Throwing away political capital needed for true issue based fights and arguments is not only a waste of energy, it shows a lack of understanding and knowledge about how to deal with actual politics and how our political system works.

Meanwhile, the party out of power is simply imploding. But why should this come as a surprise when the democrats have lost over 1000 seats nationwide in the last 8 years. This leaves the nation one state away from a constitutional convention replete with amendments that might simply be anathema to the majority of people.

Honestly I have nothing to add that isn’t already being said.

It’s as if the entire DNC has become a parody of itself, and its leadership exists in a vacuum created by a gigantic case of amnesia as to how they behaved during the Obama years.

Point in fact: the most incredibly inane event, simply left me shaking my head in disbelief, was when Pelosi said they can’t vote on TrumpCare until they read the bill. She was the one who told us they had to pass Obamacare to know what was in it. She was the one who refused to publish the bill so people could read it in time. She was the one who pushed for passing Obamacare before the CBO actually was able to do a full analysis of the financial realities of the bill.

And no this isn’t a defense of TrumpCare, and a denouncement of ObamaCare. So many of the provisions of Obamacare are good, necessary, and actually have helped people survive. They need to be kept. But what no one needs is the rise in premiums, nor the rise in exorbitant deductibles. I hear very little that is really addressing these issues. The majority of discussions seem to be about tax breaks for the uber rich, and insurance companies, while gutting the provisions that have helped and supported the disabled.

Meanwhile, if the resistance wants my attention, get new leaders; get rid of the antisemites; get rid of the race-baiters; get rid of the Alt-Left fascists; find people of good conscience to run your politics.

I don’t like  Trump. I was a #NeverTrump voter for good reason.

But, I am not going to fight Trump to just put into power those just like him who only have a Leftist vision of the future. A communist/socialist/fascist vision  of the US, rather than a Trumpian vision of the future, is no bargain.

You want my vote, give me a  USA which I can be proud of when it comes to this country. However, it doesn’t include:

denouncing the entrepreneurial, self-sufficient, independent vision that created this country, or

thinking that communist mass murderers are the real heroes, or

thinking that first responders are the enemy, or

thinking that open borders are good for any nation, or

thinking that people can shut down free speech, or

thinking that yellow journalism brings freedom, or

thinking that ignoring science whether it is climate change, or the realities of the womb, is forward thinking, or

deciding that men are the problem and that they need to be emasculated.

But it does include:

an affordable healthcare system, and

an affordable education system, and

a world in which all persons, no matter their ability, are included in civil society, and

supporting real feminism (HERE).

Accepting this third/fourth wave intersectionality bullshit that ignores the real demeaning and disenfranchising persecution of third world women, while at the same time thinking that mansplaining, manspreading, or “free the nipple,”  is dealing with the same level of patriarchy equally found in nations that support, are prone to, or legally allow, fgm, forced/and or child  marriage, honor murder, and male-domineering-guardianship, as feminism is intellectually insulting. It’s simply not feminism, when your movement excuses the abuse of women merely because of where they live and their skin color while simultaneously trying to sound like some self-righteous-pseudo-anti-racist-intellectual. This pussy-hat sharia-excusing movement is merely an elitist egocentric first-world-self-indulgence coupled with cultural relativism’s soft racism of lower of expectations. (If you doubt my take on this wave of feminism read this article from the UK.)

So no thank you.

Lets also not support a  “feminism” that enthusiastically and joyfully embraces those that want to commit genocide against another 6 million Jews because of some idocracy created by the debunked soviet union, which promoted a disinformation program against western “imperialism,”  while ignoring Islamist, oligarchical, socialist-fascist, and communist aggression. By the way, this Marxist inspired holocaust inverting, anti-colonialist, white privilege, anti-western culture derision when used against Israel is ab initio antisemitic indigeneity denying Goebbelian hogwash.

And the Left wonders why less than 26% of young women consider themselves feminists, but at the same time these young people believe in the equality of the sexes. It’s the messengers, not the message, that has gone astray. These left over 1960s USA-hating Jew-hating, anticapitalist radicals have gone overboard and have taken the movement off the cliff with them.

Yes, I want my children to live in a better world, but that doesn’t mean that I am going to work for a world that doesn’t see their right to self-determination as equal to all others, or a world where they are considered less than in any way, whether it is because they are Jewish- in a proud modern American Zionistic way, autistic, freedom-loving social-capitalists, or male.



The Two-Face Bullshit of Progressive Feminism




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