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When told they can’t use the word “bitch,” watch some male heads explode

Do you want to see some inadequate men absolutely loose their minds? Then call them out for using the derogatory term “bitch” during an argument. After reading about Stephen King’s rather, shall we say “bitchy,” take on the Dylan Farrow … Continue reading

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New York City: Melting Pot or Plantation?

The torch has passed to a new mayoral administration in New York City. The City has gone from having successful Nanny Bloomberg as mayor, to a socialist loving, race baiting divider, Bill de Blasio. In fact, the speeches at de … Continue reading

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6-Year-Old Suspended for Kissing a Girl: Too Much and Yet Not Enough

The media is replete with outrage over the suspension of a 6-year-old boy because he kissed a girl on the cheek and on the hand.  HERE  HERE Most pundits and bloggers are beside themselves with anger at the school district. … Continue reading

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