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Being Anti-Islam and Standing Up for Western Values

From Pat Condell….doesn’t mean you hate Moslems. In fact it means you believe in western values including equal rights for women (NO: FGM, gender apartheid, honor murders, child marriage), freedom of speech, freedom of religion (no blasphemy laws, forced conversions) … Continue reading

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The Black Soul That Inhabits John Kerry (Updated)

UPDATE: Tuesday April 8, 2014. Apparently our erstwhile Secretary of State has decided to blame Israel alone for the failure of his peace process. “Poof,” he obnoxiously told the Congress, went his peace process because Israel refused to release more … Continue reading

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Why would you need to rebrand a People?

Ask yourself, just why would you have to rebrand a People if your People actually stood for peace like you claim? Think about it.   h/t Israellycool

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The Importance of the Words “Jewish State”

It is not something new, as Bibi’s detractors would have you believe, to have the Palestinians, or the Arabs in general for that matter, accept Israel as a Jewish State. In fact, contrary to our President, and the erstwhile Secretary … Continue reading

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Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose…antisemitism then and now

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