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Freedom of Speech Under Attack

From the Lawfare Project Go to the page HERE , share and get a free copy of the book Lawfare the War Against Free Speech: A First Amendment Guide to Reporting in the Age of Islamist Lawfare

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Perpetually Butt-Hurt Part Deux

Read: Perpetually Politically Correct with No End to Being Butt-Hurt Meanwhile Pat Condell takes on the continually offended Moslem, who by the way, has no problem offending everyone else, especially Jews. They hand out sweets and set off fireworks after … Continue reading

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The Self-Immolation of Western Culture

Pat Condell comments on Britain. But he might as well be talking about all the self-hating politically correct dolts in leadership positions who have decided to destroy western culture by kowtowing to Islamic supremacism and grievance mongering. 1400 cases of … Continue reading

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