When Politicians Say You Don’t Need a Gun

h/t The Right to Bear Arms

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Abbas’ Incitement Leads to Terror

h/t The Israel Project

Abbas’ phoney condemnation of the synagogue slaughter…Fatah official “Rabbis are not civilians”:

h/t Israellycool

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Perpetually Butt-Hurt Part Deux

Read: Perpetually Politically Correct with No End to Being Butt-Hurt

Meanwhile Pat Condell takes on the continually offended Moslem, who by the way, has no problem offending everyone else, especially Jews. They hand out sweets and set off fireworks after butchering old Jewish rabbis at prayer (See Palwatch.org; MEMRI.org).

Bid to end suffering of chickens blocked after Muslims complain it would undermine their rights

Restaurant removes bacon sign after Muslims complain

Egypt’s vegetarians dread the arrival of Eid el-Adha, the festival of sacrifice

Meanwhile, the continually butt-hurt Moslems celebrated after this:

Here’s a compilation of their celebratory cartoons from official Palestinian and Arab sources

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